Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Space Marine Army Lists

My 1250pt list I used in my gaming groups tournament was as follows:

HQ: Librarian- Smite, Null Zone. [100 pts.]

Elite: Dreadnought. [105 pts.]

Troops: 10 man Tactical Squad- melta gun, lascannon. Sgt- power fist. [210 pts.]
Transport: Razorback- twin-linked lascannon. [75 pts.]
Troops: 10 man Tactical Squad- plasma gun, missile launcher. [180 pts.]
Troops: 10 man Tactical Squad- flamer, missile launcher. [170 pts.]

Fast Attack: 5 man Assault Squad (no jump packs*)- plasma pistol. Sgt- power fist. [140 pts.]
Transport: Rhino (*free)- pintle mounted storm bolter. [10 pts.]

Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader- multi-melta. [260 pts.]

Total: 1250 pts.

Through a little bit of luck I ended up going 3-0 and winning the tournament against some stiff competition against Kantor led Marines, Tzeentch/Slaanesh flavored Chaos Daemons, and Emporer's Children Chaos Marines.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

'Ard Boyz Qualifier part II: Ghaz vs Ghaz!

So with 40+ battle points through 2 games I would be playing for the top spot against none other then my good friend Dan, AKA Boss Noteef. We had been emailing each other for a few weeks about our lists and the missions or whatever and as fate would have it we were to go head to head in an epic clash of Orky goodness. To his credit, Dan's list hadn't changed much since he emailed it to me... I however went through many different alterations and I liked his Ghaz/Big Mek idea and decided to take Ghaz myself (but with his old mate Gargunki instead of a Big Mek)!

Game 3 vs Bizzaro Ghazghkull with Noteef's orks

Army List
Ghazghkull Thraka.
Big Mek -Force Field.

12 Burna Boyz -10x burnas, 2x Mek's with Mega Blastas.

9 Mega-Nobz -3x Skorcha kombis, 1x Rokkit kombi.
Battlewagon transport -Deff-Rolla, 2x big shootas, grot riggers.
12 'Ard Boyz, Nob with Klaw, boss pole.
Trukk transport -reinforced ram, armour plates.
12 Slugga Boyz, Nob with Klaw, boss pole.
Trukk transport -reinforced ram, armour plates.
30 Shoota Boyz -3x big shootas, Nob -Klaw, boss pole.
27 Slugga Boyz -2x big shootas, Nob -klaw, boss pole.
Deff Dread -2x big shootas.

5x Deff Koptas

Battlewagon -Kill-kannon, grot riggers.
3 Killa Kanz -big shootas.
2 Killa Kanz -rokkits.

Dan went with a Dread-bash type list with a Force Field Big Mek and Deff-Koptas while I had a more foot slogger based force with dual Warbosses...but that's where the differences ended...
We both had Burna Boyz in a Kill-Kannon wagon, 'Ard Boy Trukkers, big Nobz mob in a dedicated Battlewagon, 2 large mobs of boyz and of course we both had Ghazghkull which could be interesting indeed.

Deployment: Dan placed his objective on the 1st level of a building in his deployment zone while I placed mine about 3" up from the center of my table edge. Dan won the roll for 1st turn and took it, deploying the Deff Dread (a troops choice), Big Mek and 2 large boyz squads right in the middle pushing me way back in my deployment zone. He placed Ghaz in the Battlewagon with the Mega-Nobz on my left flank with the two Trukks of boyz. The Deff-Koptas were out-flanking.

I deployed my 3 large boyz mobs in the middle, 18" away, with my Battlewagon loaded with Nobz and Gargunki, Ghaz in the Mega-Nob Trukk and 'Ard Boy Trukk on my right... I had no desire to go head to head with 9 Mega-Nobz with anything in my army other then the Burna Boyz (plus it would be best to avoid destroying the spice-time continuum... which is what would happen if a Ghazghkull on Ghazghkull meeting would ever occur) My Kommadoes were out-flanking of course.

TURN 1: The Kanz run onto the board behind Dan's boyz in the middle and his Kill-wagon with Burnas moves onto the board with his other vehicles on my left. Dan's army moves forward cautiously. We both know that whoever gets the initial charge can do a ton of damage and we both know the power of Ghaz and the 18" charge range he can give regular boyz. He rolls good Night Fighting distance and kills about 6 or 7 of my boyz with big shoota fire.

My Kill-wagon with Burnas moves onto the table in my far left corner ready to pounce on the enemy Mega-Nobz at first chance if they disembark... while my left most Slugga boy mob puts more distance between themselves and Dan's approaching vehicles. Everything else moves around cautiously to try and stay more then 18" away to avoid getting charged by his footsloggers. My Night Fighting rolls aren't nearly as good and I only kill a few of the enemy boyz.

TURN 2: The Deff-koptas fail to show up. Dan continues to be cautious with his movement in the middle... waiting for his Killa Kanz to catch up to support his boyz. He aggressively moves Ghaz and the Mega-wagon forward on my left along with the 2 Trukks behind it towards my objective, but eye-balling it... even with a 6" Waaagh! it would take a high 'Slow and Purposeful' assault roll to charge anything so enemy Ghaz and Company stay embarked. He shoots, killing about 8 more of my boyz from mass big shoota fire. The Killa-Kanz hit my 'Ard Boy Trukk with 2 rokkits but Dan rolls snake-eyes on the penetration dice.

My turn the Kommandos show up on my left flank where all the enemy vehicles are and I place them behind Dan's Kill-Kannon wagon with the Burnas. With the appearance of the Kommandoes I decide to go all out. I call on my Ghaz Waaagh! and charge forward! The Kommandoes assault and wreck the Kill-Kannon wagon loaded with Burna Boyz. I assault the Mega-Nob Wagon with a unit of Slugga boyz and get the 6 I need from the Nob's Klaw to hit it and then again to explode it wounding a Mega-Nob and taking out a few of my own boyz! I move my 'Ard Boyz Trukk through some ruins and disembark to assault the Killa-Kans who shot at them destroying them both (go Vark go 3+ to hit FTW!). My Ghaz breaks off from my Mega-Nobz and charges the enemy Deff Dread by himself, crippling but not destroying it. My huge unit of Nobz along with Gargunki unleashes a mad beating on Dan's Slugga Boyz, taking them below 11 boyz and running down the rest (I won by like 19 wounds or something silly like that). All in all I had taken a huge bite out of Dan's orks but he still had some teef to bite back with...

TURN 3: The Deff-Koptas are still no where to be found. Dan's Burna Boyz, not pleased with the destruction of their Kill-Kannon Wagon incinerate my Kommandoes to an ork. Dan call's on his Ghaz Waaagh! Enemy Ghaz and his huge unit of Mega-Nobz assault and explode my Kill-Kannon wagon 10 times over killing 5 of my Burna Boyz put I pass my pinning check with a huge 7. His 'Ard Boyz pile out and assault my Slugga Boyz who had blew up his Mega-wagon and in an incredible display of dice kill all the 17 remaining orks in one fail swoop! Dan's Trukk boyz disembark from their Trukk and assault my other unit of Slugga Boyz holding my objective and beat them down too, they are fearless from my Waaagh! still and they hold on but take several more wounds leaving but a handfull. The 3 Killa Kanz assault my 'Ard Boyz and kill 4 losing one of their own to Vark's klaw (immobilized = destroyed for squadrons... ouch!) and I take more 'fearless wounds'. Dan's Shoota Boyz unleash a torrent of fire against my Nobz and Gargunki but I make some amazing Armour/Feel No Pain rolls... when the smoke clears I lost only a single Nob with a Power Klaw while a regular Nob, the Waaagh! banner, and the Paindok take a single wound from allocation. The enemy Shoota Boyz charge in but lose combat as my Feel No Pain rolls are on fire... My Ghaz finishes off the Deff Dread and gets ready to assist my Nobz against Dan's Shoota Boyz...

My turn: My Burna Boyz charge into enemy Ghaz and his Mega-Nobz and take down 4 of them before being pulped. My Shoota boyz who had been hanging back assault Dan's Trukk Boyz and wipe them out saving my Slugga Boyz who are down to just the Nob and a single boy. My Nobz, assisted by Ghaz clobber a bunch more of Dan's Shoota Boyz but they don't run because they are Fearless taking even more wounds due to this... The Kanz flub on their attacks against my 'Ard Boyz and Vark takes the close combat weapon off of one.

We take an inventory of Kill-Points and it appears to be tied 7-7...

TURN 4: Dan rolls a 1 and the Deff-Koptas still don't show. Enemy Ghaz and the Mega-Nobz are out of the fight (being on foot and in the corner of the table) and try and run to get back into it before the game is over. Dan's 'Ard Boyz embark into a nearby Trukk while the other Trukk moves back to pick-up his Burna Boyz. Shooting takes out my last two Slugga Boyz. The Killa Kanz and my 'Ard Boyz continue to wail on each other... Dan is down to a single Kan, I'm down to just Vark and his deadly klaw. Ghaz and my Nobz with Gargunki end up clobbering the Big Mek and the rest of the Shoota Boyz... I move what's left of my Nobz and Gargunki towards a Trukk while Ghaz consolidates closer to the last Kan assailing Vark.

My Mega-Nobz hadn't done much but they were now my ace card, disembarking from their Trukk to take Dan's objective. I now had control of both objectives. I embark Gargunki and his Nobz into the empty 'Ard Boyz Trukk. Dan's last Kan rolls a 1 to wound to finish off Vark and gain another valueable Kill-Point, Ghaz then detroys the Kan easily to gain me two more.

TURN 5: The Deff-Koptas arrive automatically and blow the Trukk up containing Gargunki and the Nobz... Dan's 'Ard Boyz and Burna Boyz disembark to try and reclaim their objective from my Mega-Nobz but fail to remove my Trukk which I positioned to block off their advance as much as possible. Shooting from Dan's Trukks and 'Ard Boyz at my Nobz finally kills off the Paindok much to Dan's amusement. Enemy Ghaz and company's move roll is too low and they are too far out to do anything.

I declare a Tank Shock with my Deff-Rolla wagon and crumple one of Dan's Trukks like tinfoil and run over 5 Burna Boyz but they don't break... I sandwich the 'Ard Boyz between Gargunki/Nobz and Ghaz. Gargunki has 2 wounds and is dealt three by the 'Ard Boy Nob's Klaw... I make all three cybork body saves and crush the 'Ard Boyz in return.

With that the game is over. I control both objectives and win in Kill-points 14-8 giving me my third massacre and 1st overall.

Thoughts: Well my plan worked! Bizzaro Ghazghkull and the uber unit of Mega-Nobz was led away and stranded out of the fight just like I wanted. But victory can be traced back to several little things... getting the 6 to hit and blow up Ghaz's wagon with my Slugga Nob's klaw stands out as the biggest roll. If that didn't happen then Ghaz and his 9 Mega-Nobz raging through my center would have made this a very different game indeed. As it went I put enough speed bumps in the way to slow down their advance.

My Nobz mob should have been dead two times over but I made probably 80% of my Feel No Pain saves... amazing. This unit fought off 60+ enemy orks over the course of the game and I still had 4 or 5 left at the end.

Our armys were very similar with little room for error... but when the Deff-Koptas didn't show up until turn 5 that meant Dan was fighting my 2500 point army with only 2275. If they would have arrived sooner they could have slowed down my advance by destroying my Trukks and/or Deff-Rolla Wagon. The snake-eyes Dan rolled against the 'Ard Boy Trukk was big too... and Vark single klawedly took out 4 Kanz and lived to tell the tale... way to go Ded 'Ard Vark!

I felt bad that I got a massacre against a friend of mine as he really deserved to be in the top 3 but this result took him out of it... 2nd place went to an Ultramarine army with no special characters, 2 Land Raiders, and a lot of Las/Plas marines from talking to their general, Joe. 3rd place went to, I believe a Black Templar, 4 Land Raider army... the guy thanked me greatly for my massacre against Dan as he was able to take 3rd because of it, haha! (Sorry again Dan...)

I chose the Tyranid box set to help flesh out my small Tyranid army another friend gave to me... mmmm... bugs...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Ard Boyz Qualifier: Games 1 & 2

missions: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1870341_40K_Ard_Boyz_Round1_Scenarios.pdf

There were 15 players at this qualifier... 5 Orks players (!), 1 Necron, 1 Tyranid, 1 Sisters of Battle, 1 Armoured Company, 1 Tau, NO Eldar (!!), 2 Chaos Marines (I think), and 3 Space Marines (Black Templar, Death/Ravenwing, Ultramarine).

There was not much terrain on any table. All the terrain was ruins, some with an area base, others not. I was immediately regretting not taking my Force Field Mek...

Game 1 vs Chaos Space Marines

Army list

Demon Prince of Slaanesh -Wings, Lash of Submission.

3 Terminator Champions -Nurgle icon.
10 Chosen -Slaanesh icon, lots of power fists/weapons.

10 Chaos Marines -Undivided Icon, 2x melta. Champ -fist.
10 Chaos Marines -Undivided Icon, melta/plasma. Champ -pw.
2x 10 Berzerkers.

2x 3 Obliterators.

Deployment: Objectives are placed, one in each quadrant and one in the middle of the table (about the only way to deploy 5 objectives). I win roll for 1st turn and take it and deploy everything but the Kommadoes who out-flank and the 'Ard Boyz in a Trukk who I hold in reserve to counter any sneaky deep strikes or out-flankers.

Chaos deploys everything but the Chosen who out-flank. The Defiler and Oblits deploy in the back corner. The 2 marine squads up front with the Berzerkers on each flank of the table quarter. Abaddon joins the Nurgle Terminators in the middle. Demon Prince is hiding behind a building.

TURN 1: I rush everything forward but the Kill-Kannon Wagon which deviates wildly with it's shot. The Mek's Kustom Mega Blastas take out a marine.

Chaos Marines move up and Berzerkers run down the table sides. Melta gun fire Immoblizes the Deff-Rolla Wagon. The 30 man mob of Slugga Boyz gets lashed forward(!) and the Defiler and Plasma Cannons from the Oblits blow away about a dozen (it would have been much much worse but I made a ton of 4+ cover saves against the Oblits who fired through the units in front of them.)

TURN 2: Close combat errupts everywhere. Kommandoes show up where I want them and assault a unit of Oblits in the back corner, combat is a draw with both sides only doing 2 wounds. Mega-Nobz Trukk moves 13" and Ghaz and the Mega-Nobz pile out into a unit of Berzerkers. Ghaz is wounded from the fist Champion but I make all my 2+ saves (about 7 or 8 wounds). The Berzerkers are wiped out to a man, Ghaz hitting and wounding with all 7 of his attacks! Gargunki and his Nobz pile out of the immobilized Wagon and assault the Marines who shot them. Gargunki is wounded by the fist champion and I lose only 1 Nob ('eavy armour and Feel No Pain FTW), the Marine squad is also wiped out once the klaws are done. The big mob of Slugga Boyz assault the other Chaos Marine Squad, the fight is ferocious and a single Chaos Marine is all that is left alive, but he passes his morale check.

The Chosen arrive behind the Kommandoes and charge into combat with the Oblits along with the Defiler who charges in too. The Kommandoes get whooped leaving only the Nob and a single Kommando but I roll double 1's for morale and keep them all locked in! Abaddon splits from the Terminators and the Termintors along with the other unit of Berzerkers charge into the Slugga Boyz... the Slugga Boyz get beat down and runs fer it but not before the lone Chaos Marine from last rounds combat is killed by the Slugga Nob's Klaw. The Demon Prince 'lashes' Ghaz and the Mega-Nobz closer and assaults them. The Prince delcares all his attacks against Ghaz and I immediately call the Ghaz Waaagh! to get a 2+ invulnerable which saves all five wounds suffered... the Demon Prince gets pummeled in return.

TURN 3: Ghaz and the Mega-Nobz run to capture the North-East objective. The Nobz do like-wise to capture the objective in the middle. The big mob of Shoota boyz sit on the objective in my quadrant. The 'Ard Boyz arrive and pull up to contest the objective being held by the other unit of Berzerkers in the South-West. The Burna Boyz pile out of the Wagon and 10 burna templates cover the Berzerkers... about 40+ hits are scored but before I roll to wound my opponent calls it.

Thoughts: Out of all my games so far in 5th edition it has been Chaos that has given me the most trouble so I was anything but thrilled when I saw I'd be fighting them in the 1st round. My opponent was relatively new to 40k having started playing about 2 years ago and made some mistakes which I capitalized on. One was not bunching up the Orks with the Lash to do more blast wounds and forgetting that I would get a cover save from the Oblit's shots through his own units. He also depolyed too far forward and I was able to get multiple charges off and wipe out most of his scoring units quickly. With the final scoring unit about to be 'burninated' and 3 rock hard units controlling objectives for me the game was up. I got a massacre for having 3-0 in objectives and a +1 for having all my HQ choices within 6" of an objective at the end of the game for 21 battle points.

GAME 2 vs Sisters of Battle

Army List
St. Celestine the Unkillable.
Canoness -all kinds of stuff.

10 Repentia

5x 10 Battle Sisters with a mix storm bolters, flamers, and meltas. Squad leaders with master-crafted weapons. 2x Rhinos.

7 Seraphim (Deep Striking)

2x Exorcist
Retributers 2xHB, 2xMM. Immolator transport.

Tons of Faith Points.

This was my first game ever against the Sisters so I was pretty interested to see what they could do. My opponent's name was Richard and he was a fun guy to play against, everyone seemed to be pretty cool in fact. He was playing an Armoured Company army on the table next to me in round 1 and looked to be getting pummeled but apparently won due to a lack of scoring units for the Armoured Company player...

Deployment: Apparently this was a Dawn of War deployment type but I think someone said everything had to start in reserve that wasn't on the table? I don't know it was confusing, I was in a 'Pitched Battle' mindset for some reason... He had search lights on his Exorcists and we did use Night Fight on Turn 1 but they didn't come onto the table until Turn 2... I doubt it would have made much of a difference in the end though. I deploy everything as far forward as possible, Kommandoes out-flank.

TURN 1: Sisters won first turn and not knowing how either of our Army's would fair against the other (he had never played against Orks with Sisters) the Sisters didn't do anything but stand still and look pretty.

I moved/ran everything forward as far as I could.

TURN 2: He makes all his reserve rolls except for the Repentia... the Exorcists destroy my Deff-Rolla wagon and a few light casualties are suffered from the boyz.

Ghazghkull calls on his Waaagh! The big mob of Shoota Boyz assault a squad of Sisters on my far right. The big mob of Slugga Boyz assault a unit in the middle led by the Cannoness. Gargunki and his Nobz assault another unit on the far left through cover. The 'Ard Boyz turn the Trukk around, disembark and assault the Seraphim who had Deep Struck deep into my deployment zone. Ghazghkull and the Mega-Nobz assault St. Celestine who had fearlessly jump packed in unsupported into the midst of my army. Apparently St. Celestine is nigh invincible as she can keep coming back with 1 wound and all that is required is to pass a Leadership test of 10... nasty. The Orks lay the smack down and wipe out 3 squads of Battle Sisters completely. The 'Ard Boyz flub their attacks and remain engaged with the Seraphim while the Cannoness survives, and passing her morale check is surrounded by a mob of about 20 orks...

TURN 3: The Repentia move onto the board from Reserve and St. Celestine comes back to harass Ghaz and his Nobz again... hmmm... I have a feeling I'll be chasing her down all game. Concentrated fire from the Immolator and two squads of sisters and an Excorcist decimate one of my Slugga Boy units but still the magic number of 11 remain while the other Excorcist can't penetrate the Kill-Kannon wagon. The Repentia assault Gargunki and co. and kill 3 Nobz but are cut down to a girl when it's all said and done. The Seraphim and 'Ard Boyz still fight on as Vark the 'Ard Boy Nob can't seem to hit anything at all with his klaw... St. Celestine is gunned down by the Trukks big shootas before Ghaz gets a chance to kill her... again... but she'll be back... again...

TURN 4-5: The Kill-Kannon wagon gets tagged in the side by an Excorcist Missile but the Battle Sisters are eventually all but butchered in combat by the end of turn 4 with the notable exception of the Seraphim who actually defeat the 'Ard Boyz through timely hit and runs (helped by Vark who missed about 18 of 20 klaw attacks). St. Celestine would deep strike off the board and end the game in reserve counting as destroyed...

The Sisters were left with a Rhino and a single Seraphim at the end of the game giving the Orks a massacre in Kill-Points.

Thoughts: St. Celestine is just nasty! But I can't complain because Ghazghkull's special abilitys are just as bad! I really like Sisters of Battle and they have the fire power to put a hurtin' on the boyz... but Night Fight allowed me to get to grips with the majority of my army in Turn 2 and Faith alone could not save the Sisters.

I'd really like to play another game with these two armys, the mission favored close combat armys like the Orks and even though we screwed up the deployment of Heavys it's unlikely it would have made much of a difference even with the search lights on the Exorcists and an extra turn of shooting from them. Still I would like a more balanced battle.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

'Ard Boyz List

This list got me 3 massacres for 67 Battle Points and 1st place in the Qualifiers.

Ghazghkull Thraka -100% win.
Warboss Gargunki -power klaw, 'eavy armour, cybork body, boss pole.

15 Kommandoes -2x burnas, Nob- power klaw, boss pole.
12 Burna Boyz -10x burnas, 2x Meks -kustom mega blastas.

10 Nobz -9x 'eavy armour, 2x power klaw, Waaagh! banner, bosspole. Painboy upgrade.
transport: Battlewagon - deff-rolla, kannon, big shoota, armour plates, grot riggers, red paint.
4 Mega Nobz -3x rokkit kombis, skorcha kombi.
transport: Trukk -red paint, reinforced ram.
12 'Ard Boyz -Nob -power klaw, boss pole,
transport: Trukk -red paint, reinforced ram.
30 Shoota Boyz -3x big shootas, Nob -power klaw, 'eavy armour, boss pole.
30 Slugga Boyz -3x big shootas, Nob -power klaw, 'eavy armour, boss pole.
25 Slugga Boyz -2x big shootas, Nob -power klaw, boss pole.

Heavy Support
Battlewagon -kill kannon, big shoota, armour plates, grot riggers.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Meks

I've had two Big Mek "characters" in my army. One came into being as part of the Nobs mob in 3rd. edition where he was just a lowly Mekboy toting around a Kustom Force Field that looked like a satellite dish, he was known as Duruk Rukus... later to be known as Duruk "Da Fixxa" Rukus when he became a Big Mek.

The other Big Mek character that led my Kult of Speed forces atop his kustom Battlewagon was Shuvva Luggitz who carried an old school Shokk Attack Gun that counted as a "Supa-Force Field Projekta" which in game terms was a Kustom Force Field and a vehicle Force Field from the Apocalypse: Kult of Speed army list. Shuvva led my Speed Kult to numerous victorys in 3rd and 4th edition.

Now that the Shokk Attack gun is back I can field both Big Meks if so inclined. Character wise, I was always partial to Shuvva Luggitz but I am more inclined to field Duruk 'Da Fixxa' Rukus and the newer Big Mek model with the Kustom Force Field. One day in the future I may actually convert a fitting Shuvva Luggtiz model as I always invisioned him with a Power Klaw but for right now I'm good with 'Da Fixxa'...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waaagh! Gargunki!

The orks are without a doubt what I consider my 'main' army. I have somewhere between 3500 and 4000 points painted and around 6000 points total. This includes a Stompa with a kustom Deff Arsenal, a Forge-world Mega-Dread and a Shokk Attack Gun Battery to name a few. I've used my entire army in a game just one time. Was that fun! I can field any unit in the Ork codex except Flashgitz and Big Gunz (which I sold).

I once had an entire army of 1st and 2nd edition orks completely painted that I sold, and also a 2000pt unpainted army I sold as well... this would have put my ork horde at close to 10,000 points... and I honestly don't need that many orks, haha.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


This was one of my first conversions thats been updated extensively. It's a Chaos Rhino split in half and expanded width-wise. It's made from various bits including two 2nd ed. Pulsa Rokkits (counted as turbo-boostas in 3rd edition, but decided to keep them because they look cool.), a 2nd ed. Hop-Splat Gun (Kannon), old Imperial Firebase parts, a Rouge Trader era Dreadnought head (Yar-Two Dee-Two), and a ton of plasticard (the hull, plates, and Deff-Rolla).

The Deff-Rolla is my favorite vehicle upgrade ever! Not only does it wreck shit good and proppa but it allows you to reroll Dangerous Terrain!

They see me (Deff) Rollin'... They hatin'!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When I got back into 3rd edition after a long hiatus the first thing I knew I needed was a Trukk so I went out and bought one of the hideously small ork Trukks. It served it's purpose along with two others at the time... but it never seemed proppa.

I had a large plastic, green, army man truck that just begged to be converted and the infamous Big Red Trukk was born as my boss trukk many years ago.

Now with the new ork codex and 5th edition making the flimsy transports more viable then ever it was time for an update. Some bits, plasti-card, decals and a fresh lick of red paint later and Big Red was born again ready to deliver Da Business end of it's Reinforced Ram!

I couldn't do without one of the brilliant new Trukks either and was very pleased to see the size of the model comparable to Big Red who I'd been using for years!

Kaptin Yar's Battlewagon

What to do with a Looted Russ and old War-trakks/trukks? Get some plasti-card and make a battlewagon! The hull is my old Looted Russ. The turrent was removed and replaced with the body of an old Gorka-Morka trukk. Sidecars were added which are old plastic War-trakks. Add a bunch of plasti-card, fresh paint, more bits, decals and BOOM! Kill-Kannon battlewagon!

This is loaded out with, of course a Kill-Kannon and a single Big Shoota which is manned by Kaptin Yar, my old Flashgitz Nob turned tank kaptin! Sometimes I will add 3 more Big Shootas and count the Kill-Kannon as a regular Kannon. This is what I refer to as the Dakka-wagon and I will usually sit back on a table edge and mount Lootas in it for even more dakka!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1250pt Tournament at Local Gaming Store

This is an old tournament report that I posted on a forum long ago but for the sake of posterity I am posting it here. That being said it uses the 3rd edition Ork codex.

The event was held at The Gamer's Sanctuary in Flint, MI. I used to live in Flint and know several of the gamers there so I try to get up there for 40k events whenever I can. This particular event was about the 4th time the organizers ran it and it's been centered on Imperium vs. non-Imperium battles to form an on-going narrative.

In my first appearance I used my Space Marines to go 3-0. This was to be my 2nd event appearance and I decided to take my favorite army this time! They allowed you to make two 1250pt army lists and choose which one to use based on who you fought.

There were about 20 or 22 players. I was told I was the only Ork player to ever appear in the history of the event to date. There was 1 Imperial Guard, 1 Necron, 1 Tau, 3 or 4 Eldar, 1 or 2 Tyranids, and the rest Chaos and Space Marines. The tables were 4x4.

I made lists under the assumption that I'd be facing mostly Space Marines and my alternate list to take on Imperial Guard... little did I know the organizers (who I've had many a classic battle against back in the day) had other ideas and saw it fit to have non-Imperium armies fight each other for the first few rounds. Orks will fight anyone! Bring it!

My 1250pt list that I used in all 3 games:
Warboss Fridgechukka -mega-armour, iron gob, cybork body, boosta, shootier shoota.
Big Mek Duruk Da Fixxa- kustom force field, mek tools, 2 grot oilers, shootier slugga.

16 Slugga Boyz -3 rokkits, +1 Nob -power klaw, rokkit, iron gob.
11 Slugga Boyz -3 rokkits, +1 Nob -choppa, rokkit, big horns, 3 ammo runts.
25 Grots, +1 Slaver -choppa, rokkit, squighound.

8 Trukkboyz, +1 Nob -slugga, power klaw, big horns. Trukk -rokkit, red paint, grot riggers, armour plates.
9 Trukkboyz, 1 burna. Trukk -rokkit, red paint, grot riggers, armour plates.
1 Warbuggy -skorcha, grot riggers.

Looted Leman Russ -hull lascannon, armour plates, grot riggers
Killa Kan -big shoota, armour plates.
Killa Kan- big shoota, armour plates.*

*Thanks to Skumgrod John AKA Boss Kong Bundy for loaning me the Trukks and the Kans!

Basically I tried to take as many rokkits as I could. Fridgechukka would hang back and hitch a ride with one of the Trukkboy units. They would be the 1st wave and pounce on turn 2 if possible. The Killa Kans and Skorchas were expendable and distractions to draw fire away from the boyz... the Big Mek would accompany the Kans, fixing them as needed. The bulk of the army would advance destroying any vehicles at range then act as the 2nd wave of close combat attackers around turn 4... that was the plan anyway.

Round 1... FIGHT!
Mission: Get scoring units into your opponents deployment zone for victory point bonuses.
Opponent: Necrons. I haven't played against tin 'eadz in years...

Necron list:
Necron Lord
-Staff of Light, Nightmare Shroud, Resurrection Orb, +something else.
x2 12 Warriors
3 Destroyers
2 Monoliths! Seriously! At 1250 points.

I made a comment to my friend that I'm glad I'm on the bad guy side because I don't have to fight that Necron army with the 2 Monoliths... well guess what happened? I knew right away I was pretty screwed and would need lots of luck.

WARNING! Rant coming: I'm sure my opponent is a nice guy and I honestly don't care if someone brings a list like this, it's allowed by the rules so more power to you. BUT... My biggest pet peeve... I will never understand why people come to a tournament that haven't played the game in ages, it's insulting to your opponent. We had to go over several rules such as targeting IC's, effects of gauss weapons, assaults on vehicles, etc. Come on! If you go to a tournament at least know your own army! I come to play, not spend an hour explaining rules.
rant over...

He put his Warriors and Lord in a building with a Monolith on either side. My plan was to go for the phase out obviously, but the open terrain meant casualties were gonna be heavy slogging across the board.

The Twin-Towers of Gouda.

Ork deployment.

Turn 1
Pretty ineffective shooting from the Monoliths, the Particle Whips scattering and killing just a few grots and orks, the Destroyers kill the Skorcha.

I move the Trukkboyz without the Nob forward 25" to take cover on the flank behind a small ruined building, if it survives the 2nd turn I can assault the Detroyers. My Warboss hops in the other Trukk but I carefully stay out of line of sight in my deployment zone. My Slaver takes out a Destroyer with a rokkit, I love this guy. All my other rokkits are only in range of the Monoliths and do nothing, the Russ takes out a few Warriors despite them being packed together... (4+ cover from the building, + Res Orb = Not a lot of dead Necrons.)

Turn 2
The Monoliths move forward and start reaping green souls with their Flux Arc Projectors but my Grots and big Slugga unit stand firm despite the casualties piling up. A Kan gets blown to pieces by a Particle Whip shot. My Trukk miraculously survives (thanks to good armour plate rolls) but is Stunned, however the boyz can still get out and assault hurhurhur!

I continue to slog it forward and then make a critical error, I move my Trukk with Boss out in the open as there is nowhere else to go and he needs to get stuck in ASAP as we're running short on time and it's only turn 2 (see: Pet Peeve)! I'm confident that I can prevent the Monolith closest to it from destroying it and learn too late that the bloody thing can still fire the Particle Whip even if it's Stunned, and I did stun it with concentrated rokkit fire. The Trukkboyz get out of their stunned Trukk and wipe out the Detroyers and consolidate behind a wall ready to charge into some Warriors by the building next turn if they survive the gauss frying they are sure to get. I assault the other Monolith with my Slugga Nob's power klaw but do nothing.

Turn 3
Trukkboyz with Boss gets Ordnance 6ed Pfff, stupid Monoliths, grumble, grumble. More orks and grots die to Gauss and Flux Arc death, but they don't run. Orks don't fear death you tin 'ead! The last Killa Kan gets immobilized and it's big shoota blown off.

Another fusilade of rokkits immobilizes one of the Monoliths, Hoozah! I got about 5 Trukkboyz left and they assault into the Warriors and kill 2 while the remaining 6 Warriors kill 2 boyz in return. The few survivors from the other Slugga unit move off the Monolith and into assault range of the building crawling with Necrons but promptly roll double 1's on difficult terrain and just stand there. My Big Mek fixes the immobilized Killa Kan. Job's a good 'un!

Time is called. I killed the Destroyers, Immobilized one Monolith, killed 6 Warriors from 1 Squad, and 3 or 4 from the other.
He killed my Warboss, over half the grots, over half the big Slugga unit, obliterated the Trukkboyz with Nob and destroyed the Skrocha and a Killa Kan.

End Result
Minor Defeat for the Orks.

Not much I could do against 2 Monoliths in a 1250pt game with open middle terrain in 3 turns. If the game continued, the Monoliths would have done me in for sure, but then I would have played more cautiously and not have rushed in as recklessly as I did if we were playing a six turn game and if I had had full knowledge of the Monolith's cheese (I also forgot it was a Skimmer and therefore can't block LoS to troops on the ground behind it)... ah well, live and learn. And yes, I lost the roll for Deployment Zone choice and First Turn...

Game 2
After the dual Monolith debacle there was no where to go but up. Only to find I'm up against Mechanized Eldar in the hands of a competent general! Great! I was pretty excited to see terrain in the middle of the board, at least there will be some tactics involved in this game. Now all I needed was some luck on the Glancing Damage table...

Mission: Nominate any unit to get off your opponent's table edge for bonus Victory Points.
Terrain: Hilly on the sides with a big ruined building in the middle.
Opponent: Mechanized Eldar. Da Panzees!

Eldar List:
Farseer -shuriken pistol, Witchblade, Ghost Helm, Rune Armour, Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Doom, Guide, Eldritch Storm, various Craftworld appliances.

4 Howling Banshees +1 Exarch -Executioner. Wave Serpent -Vectored Engines.
5 Fire Dragons. Wave Serpent -Vectored Engines.

10 Dire Avengers +1 Exarch -Dire Sword, Shimmershield, Defend. Wave Serpent -Vectored Engines.
3 Guardian Jetbikes, 1 has a Shuriken Cannon.

1 Fire Prism -Shuriken Cannon upgrade, Holo-field, Vectored Engines.
1 Falcon -Shuriken Cannons all around, Vectored Engines.

Eldar deployment.

Ork deployment.

I went first and I raced my army forward aiming to get into the big central ruins and 4+ cover ASAP. I concentrated fire on the Jetbikes, the only thing in range and wiped them all out.

The Eldar split their army and hug each table edge moving forward to encirlce my army. The Banshees and Fire Prism on my right facing off against the Killa Kans, Big Mek, and the small Slugga boy unit, everything else on my left. The Eldar immobilize the Skorcha buggy and Destroy the non-Nob Trukkboy Trukk, but I lose only 1 boy and disembark into the big central buidling. A Killa Kan and my Looted Russ also get Stunned. Who knew 5 vehicles could pack so much firepower?

This big building which I though would bring salvation is becoming a real pain and forces a bottleneck for my other Trukk preventing it to move as far as I want too. The grot riggers fail to fix my Skorcha. The whole army moves forward and are at the edge of the big building. I end up immobilizing the Falcon AND the Banshee Wave Serpent from massed rokkit fire.

The Eldar make their move. The Dire Avengers led by the Farseer disembark and the Farseer Dooms my big Slugga unit and Guides the Dire Avengers. About 10 or so Orks and grot shields total are killed from all the skuriken. The Russ gets it's Battle Cannon blown off by the Falcon. The Fire Prism Detroys a Kan. The Banshees disembark and assault the grots and small Slugga unit, but only a few orks can fight due to careful positioning on the charge. The Banshees win and all the Orks and grots pile-in. A good sacrifice on my opponents part as it forces the big long line of grot shields to move to the far right, taking them out of the fight on the left flank and exposing my boyz to the Dire Avengers.

The grot riggers fail to fix the Skorcha again, which sucks because I could have cooked the Dire Avengers good and proppa. Good difficult terrain rolls see my Trukk boyz get into assault range of the Dire Avengers even though their are only a few boyz left, Dire Avengers strike first and kill 'em all. I decide to drive through the buidling with my other Trukkboy unit, I pass the dangerous terrain roll and disembark and assault the Fire Dragon Wave Serpent but can't hit it with my Nob's power klaw and now they are sitting ducks. What's left of the consistently 'Doomed' big Slugga boy unit assaults the immobilized Falcon and the Nob tears it to shreds with his klaw. The Banshees are wiped out and my grots consolidate and attempt to encircle and protect my few remaining Slugga boyz in the small unit.

The Fire Dragon and Dire Avenger Wave Serpents retreat back to their DZ. The Farseer Guides the Dire Avengers once more and my Nob led Trukkboyz are shot down to an ork. The Skorcha Buggy is finally destroyed and my last Killa Kan is Stunned by the Fire Prism.

My small Slugga boy unit has 6 orks left, 4 of which have rokkits and the Fire Prism gets Shaken by them, preventing it from firing next turn. The Slaver with the Rokkit glancing 6's the Dire Avengers Wave Serpent! Hoozah! I really love my Runtherd. Whats left of my Big Slugga boy mob charges the Dire Avengers being led by the Farseer and my Warboss finally makes it into combat too with a good mega-boosta roll but promptly whiffs in close combat rolling 1's to wound on his only 2 hits, but that was after I rolled 3 straight 6's for my Slugga boyz armour saves against the Dire Avenger attacks! My Nob with the power klaw that shredded the Falcon promptly brained the Farseer! That ork ate his wheat-squigys for breakfast! Despite this pounding the Dire Avengers held their own just above half strength.

Time was called and my opponent chose not to take his final turn, which was just as well for him as the Dire Avengers would have been finished off more then likely and he only had a Fire Dragon Wave Serpent available to shoot anything.


I killed the Farseer, Howling Banshees, Guardian Jetbikers, 1 Wave Serpent, the Falcon, and immobilized another Wave Serpent.
He Killed over half the Big Slugga boy unit, both Trukkboy units save one Trukk, Destroyed the Skorcha Buggy and 1 Killa Kan. The Looted Russ was damaged but mobile and the small unit of Slugga boyz and grots were both 1 model above half strength!

End Result
Minor victory for the Orks.

Now dat was a good fight! Power Klaw Nob and Runtherd rokkit FTW! Doom + Guide + Shuriken = lots of dead orks. Neither of us concentrated on the mission at all and I honestly forgot all about it. His messenger unit was the Dire Avengers and mine was the Nob-led Trukkboyz. My opponent was one of the better generals present and had a very good knowledge of the rules, still we only got 4 turns in.

Warboss Fridgechukka was not having a good day... da tin 'eadz had blew up one of his Trukks which had pinned him under the burning wreckage. By the time he dug himself out da fight was over and da tin 'eadz wuz gone. Then in da scrap with da panzees, his zoggin' power klaw malfunctioned... more then likely damaged from da Trukk when it blewed up last fight. Fridgechukka would have to talk to da Mekboyz about dat... and by talk he meant bust some 'eadz togetha.

But if it was one good ting it was dat dere were many enemys to duff on dis planet and Mork be damned if Fridgechukka would be denied his proppa amount of troffeez!

Game 3
Finally some Space Marines to fight! My opponent is a good guy who I know. A funny story is that over-hearing him and another dude talking about Warhammer 40k in one of my University classes rekindled my passion in the hobby several years ago... He also won best Imperium general at a previous tournament. I was confident in this battle as Terminator armour doesn't hold up too well against the all-mighty choppa.

Mission: Bonus victory points for killing HQ selections. Table quarters deployment.
Opponent: Dark Angels Deathwing.

Dark Angel list:
-Master of the Deathwing.
Belial's Deathwing Terminator Squad -1 Lightning Claw, 1 Assault Cannon.
x2 Terminator Squads
-1 Lightning Claw, 1 Assault Cannon.
5 Ravenwing Bikers -2 Melta guns, +1 Sgt, Power Weapon, Telleport Homer.

I win deployment zone choice and I get a nice big 2 story building to deploy in leaving the Dark Angels with a decidedly bare deployment zone, he deploys his Dreadnought right up front to push me back in my quarter and his bikes behind the dread and that's it, the rest is deep striking.

Dark Angels get first turn and Belial and his retinue and another Terminator Squad Deep Strike down by the Raven bikes. Opening fire kills about a half dozen grots and assault cannon fire destroys a Killa Kan.

My small Slugga boy unit destroys the Dreadnaught (2 penetrating and a glancing hit from 4 rokkits, no ammo runts used!) The other Slugga boy unit takes out a biker with a rokkit. The Looted Russ blows apart 2 Terminators as several 1's are rolled for armour saves!

The last Terminator Squad comes down. Dark Angel fire takes out another half dozen grots and about 8 or 9 Orks but no one runs. He fails to destroy the Killa Kan thanks to bad assault cannon rolls. It's rarin' to krump!

More massed shots see off about 4 Terminators, my opponent is rolling 1's like it's his job. The Killa Kan charges, kills the only Terminator in it's attack zone and drags the other surving 2 of the squad into combat. My opponent misjudges my 12" charge range and my big Slugga boy mob assaults the newly arrived Terminator Squad. I WAAAAGH! and wound 7 times and he fails 6 4+ saves wiping out the Terminators completely! I then consolidate into the bikes. Around this time my opponent goes and gets new dice...

Only Belial and his unit are unengaged. He makes a strategic withdraw and destroys my Skorcha buggy in the meantime. My Killa Kan strikes twice, wounds twice, the Terminators fail their 5+ invulnerable save twice. My Slugga Boyz dispatch the remaining bikers with help from the power klaw Nob.

TURN 4-6
The Dark Angels are down to Belial and 3 or 4 Terminators. He tries to shoot again the Killa Kan closing in on them but does nothing to it. My Warboss and Trukk boyz pounce from behind cover and get stuck in at last along with the invincible Killa Kan. The Terminators are eventually hacked down to a man and only Belial remains with one wound facing my Warboss who was wounded by Belial. Belial can't hit him let alone wound him to seal the deal, even with his master-crafted power weapon... Warboss Fridgechukka unleashes the fury of 3 wounding S10 hits which utterly crushes the Dark Angel Master and gives the Orks the Massacre!

Fridgechukka gets anuvva troffee!

The Dark Angels wounded my Warboss, shot up over half the grots and big mob of Slugga boyz, and destroyed the Skrocha and a Killa Kan.

End Result
Massacre for the Orks.

My opponent (Dez) is a great sport to play against. I can't say I would have had as much fun if I had his dice rolls, they were absolutely horrid, it seemed that a 1 for an armour save came up 50% of the time and you would expect an AV11 Kan to die after 3 rounds of rending ass cannon. The mis-judgement on my assault range sealed the deal as choppas are just broken against 2+ armour saves...

So with that I ended up going 2-1. The final placements were based on total Victory points and in no small part due to the final battle I ended up 4th overall out of 20+ when I peeked at the final VP list, not too shabby. I was about 90 points behind 3rd place overall which was my skumgrod, Boss Noteef and his Word Bearers (his orks were in a state of disrepair at the time). 1st place for the bad guys was a World Eaters army I think and 1st place for the Imperium was a Space Wolf-esque army which was 1st overall.

Good times, thanks to JonC and Greg for putting it on!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Crimson Clovers vs Noteef's Orks

Since the last battle against John's Space Marines and having recently started reading the Horus Heresy novels, I was itching to play my Space Marines.

I found the time to travel out to my friend Dan's (AKA Boss Noteef) and take on his Orks in an 1850 point battle. I used my current 1850 point list.

He had a Warboss and a Big Mek with a Force Field leading the army. A large unit of Tankbustas and Mega-Armoured Nobz in a Trukk as Elites. 'Ard Boyz in a Trukk, 20 strong Ork mobs (x3) and a Deff Dread rounding out the Troops. A small unit of Stormboyz and a squadron of 3 Warbuggys with Twin-linked Rokkits. For Heavy Support there was a Battlewagon with 4 Big Shootas and a Kannon and a unit of 3 Killa Kans and another unit of 2 Killa Kans all with Big Shootas.

I won a Strategy Rating roll-off and elected to play a straight up Seek and Destroy mission as I didn't fancy my chances of holding objectives against the Ork horde. All our missions are Gamma level as Alpha is just too boring and Escalation is just too retarded.

I had my army split into two factions, but not too spread out as that's not the way to fight a horde. My Devastators and the melta-gun combat squad were my furthest units on my right, holding down a large building ruin that was slightly to the right of center of the battlefield. They were supported by an Attack Bike and the HB Razorback with the Dreadnought lurking between two buildings nearby. This group faced down 5 Killa Kans and 20 Boyz, all protected by the Big Mek.

Everything else was deployed on my left side of the battle field... the Twin Las Razorbacks and missile launcher combat squad in the far left corner had a good field of fire.

Dan won the dice roll and took first turn. He shot a ton of Big Shootas at my marines and scored several hits but had piss poor rolls to wound and no marines were taken out of the fight on the first turn. Much the same happened in turn 2 but a few casualties were scored.

I concentrated fire on the Ork armour. The Warbuggy squadron was first to go as they were the most immediate ranged threat for my Crusader. I decided to also deal with the Killa Kans ASAP even if it meant directing Heavy Bolter fire meant for the Boyz at them. I succeeded in immobilizing 2 out of 3 Kanz. In Turn 2 the Battlewagon was Destroyed along with 6 or 7 Shoota Boyz that were being transported in it. I couldn't get a bead on the Trukks as Dan did well to keep them out of LoS behind the Battlewagon...

The Horde was bearing down but still out of Waaagh! range... the Trukks broke cover and fortunately for me the 'Ard Boy Trukk immobilized itself in a large crater (gotta take that Reinforced Ram), but the MANz Trukk with the Warboss in tow pulled in close against a large building, threatening to rip apart my army next turn if something wasn't done... Dan continued with some interesting rolls... scoring 8 rokkit hits out of 12(!!!) with his Tankbustas but then failing to roll a 6 to score any glancing damage on it...

I didn't want to commit the Anointed (AKA Death Company) to combat so soon but had no choice. The Land Raider Crusader lurched forward and all but annihilated the remaining Shoota Boyz as they pulled themselves from the wrecked heap of their Battlewagon... the Anointed were then disgorged with the intent on charging the Tankbustas. But my plasma squad that had been moving across the roof of the large building peered over the edge and saw the MANz Trukk below... waiting to pounce. I scored 3 bolter hits and a plasma hit. All 3 bolter hits then proceeded to glance (yes three 6s, life isn't fair) and the Trukk was destroyed dumping the MANz out in charge range of the Anointed who along with the Chaplain and Librarian wiped out all the MANz in their kill zone... leaving only the Boss and a single MAN who despite the carnage did not flee.

The Orks surge forward with a mighty Waaagh! and engage the Marines on multiple fronts:

The Anointed get charged by one of the mobs of Slugga Boyz and the Deff Dread. The Librarian struck first and used his Force Weapon to slay the Warboss with a single blow! The Chaplain with his Krak Grenades and the Anointed with their rending rage failed to bring down the final MAN or the Deff Dread who clobbered the Librarian in vengeance. The Power Klaw Nob killed 2 marines and the Orks won combat. The Fearless marines failed a No Retreat! armour save and a battle brother was swallowed up by the green tide.

The Tankbustas assault the Land Raider Crusader and attach 6 Tankbusta bombz to the hull of the Crusader but only 1 succeeds in breaking through the armour and Stunning the mighty vehicle...

The Stormboyz and 'Ard Boyz engaged in a joint venture in shredding the Rhino to bits... trapping 4 Marines inside while the other 6 manage to stumble out of the back ramp.

The other mob of Slugga Boyz surge forward to engage the marine Dreadnought by literal millimeters but are not able to get the Power Klawed Nob into the fight just yet as the Dreadnought squishes 2 boyz. Their numbers ensure the Slugga Boyz will be fighting for some time...

My Devastators destroy the squadron of 2 Killa Kans in spectacular fashion, both scoring penetrating 6s. The Razorbacks and Marines on the roof concentrate fire on the small but deadly unit of Stormboyz leaving only the Nob and a single Boy who turn tail and runz fer it.

Calling on the Power of the Machine Spirit the Stunned Crusader guns it directly forward a full 12", tank shocking the Tankbustas who are Fearless with their numbers... 1 Tankbusta is ran over by the massive machine in the ulitmate attempt of Death or Glory Hogging as yet another Tankbusta bomb fails to harm the Land Raider... My Attack Bike attempts to buy time for the Crusader to recover and charges headlong into the Mob of Tankbustas killing one and suffering a wound leaving the combat a stale mate...

The Chaplain and Anointed fail again to hurt the Deff Dread in combat. The Deff Dread whiffs against the Chaplain scoring only a single hit which is deflected by the Chaplain's Rosarius. 2 more marines are killed by Power Klaw and the Orks win the combat again, dragging down another Fearless marine.

The combat against the marine Dreadnought sees 2 more Boyz crushed but is immobilized by the Nobz Power Klaw as the fight continues...

Impatient from the fact that the Mek has failed to fix the 2 immobilized Kans the mobile Kan leaves the unit to engage the melta gun combat squad closing in and squishes a marine bringing them uder half strength, but the Sergeant destroys the maching with his Power Klaw and closes in on the Big Mek...

The Chaplain and final Anointed fall to the Deff Dread and sea of Boyz, which sees the lone MAN consolidating onto the roof, engaging the plasma gun squad of marines while the Attack Bike and Tankbustas remain engaged. The 'Ard Boyz assault the remains of the Rhino Tactical squad pulling themselves out of the wreckage. Power Klaws and Fists send body parts flying in all directions... the Orks win the combat causing the Sergeant and a single brother to flee from the combat in an attempt to regroup.

The Tactical squad remnants continue to fall back as the 'Ard Boyz are within 6" but they stop inches from the table edge as the 'Ard Boyz are sent fleeing in the shooting phase from casualties inflicted by a Razorback and the missile laucher combat squad.

The Crusader turns aroud and brings it's weapons to bare on the Deff Dread but fails to inflict any damage to the ork war machine. One of the Razorbacks targets it and scores a glancing hit with it's twin-linked lascannon which destoys it with a glancing 6.

The MAN in combat on the roof succeeds in krumping a single marine before he himself is brought down by the sergeants Power Fist.

The melta gun combat squad which is down to the marine with the melta gun and the sergeant pummel the hapless Big Mek in combat while the Power Klaw Nob fails to hit the marine Dreadnought with any attacks as the ancient warrior crushes 2 more of his boyz.

The Slugga Boyz turn to face the Crusader to assault it and succeed in tearing off the Hurricane Bolters with 2 glancing hits from the Nobz Klaw. The Tankbustas are able to finally drag down the Attack Bike as the other unit of Slugga Boyz continue their futility and are only able to Shake the marine Dreadnought.

The final 2 Marines of the Rhino squad are able to immediately rally thanks to the ATSKNF rule and concentrated fire from them, the Razorbacks, the plasma gun squad on the roof, and missile launcher combat squad massacres the Tanbustas to an ork.

The HB Razorback and other Attack Bike which had moved into position to engage the unit of Sluggas assailing the Crusader all open fire and are able to bring the unit of Slugga Boyz assailing the Crusader below half.

In the final assault phase the Power Klaw Nob succeeds in detroying the marine Dreadnoughts close combat weapon but not before 2 more Boyz are pulped, bringing that unit under half strength also.

The Orks are left with only 2 squads of Slugga Boyz under half strength at the end of the game.

Thoughts: Well, the Emperor definately blessed the Land Raider Crusader in this game and in the end it was it's extreme luck that helped me win by as much as I did. Dan hit a lot with shooting but could not wound and what few times he actually penetrated any armour couldn't roll high on the damage tables. He also had some truly horrid rolls to hit with his Power Klaws. Seriously, the Land Raider Crusader should have probably been destroyed or crippled the turn 8 rokkits hit it, and if not then, then when 7 Tankbustas bombz detonated on it... but the machine would not die! Not to mention the marine Dreadnought which withstood 5 rounds of combat with the Power Klawed Nob! Things like that aren't supposed to happen but it did and I was able to stall the orks in combat and pick them apart. Thanks to the glorious sacrifice of my Heroes, Anointed and Attack Bike. These brave brother's actions will be recorded with honours in the Hall of Heroes. For the Emperor!

Space Marines

Like so many Warhammer 40,000 gamers it was the Space Marines that drew me in back in the day. The first thing I bought was the 1st edition box set of 30 plastic Space Marines. These came with Ultramarine transfers and so I painted them appropriately. Shorty after that I remember reading a battle report between Blood Angels and Eldar in an issue of White Dwarf. Inspired, I bought the pewter box set of Death Company but I ended up trading them for some long forgotten models... orks of some variety more then likely.

It's funny how Space Marine models seem to come into your possession easily even if you don't intend on starting an army of them as by the time 2nd edition came out I was in full Orky swing... but I had amassed a decent sized Ultramarine army that saw action every now and then.

In 3rd edition I went on a mini-marine kick and re-structured/painted my Space Marines into a new chapter: Cobra Marines. With the color scheme and naming inspired by G.I. Joe's arch-enemy.

When the new 4th edition Space Marine codex came out I was determind to finally paint a complete force. My gaming group contained many Chaos armies and a demon-hunting Inquisitor Lord by the name of BeJesus had entered my army along with the Purity Above All trait to ensure my Space Marine chapter was free of the taint of Chaos. With a fresh red paint scheme the Crimson Clovers were born and death to the foes of the Imperium was dealt out, culminating in a 3-0 showing in a 1250pt local tournament.

When 5th edition was coming and a new Space Marine codex looming... I had been using the Blood Angel Codex .pdf to represent the Crimson Clover's in anticipation and had even used the Dark Angel codex a handful of times for S&G's. But when the 5th edition codex came out for Marines the options were nigh infinite and I re-named my chapter yet again... The Crimson Cobras were born who also went 3-0 in another 1250pt local tournament. Go marines!

Currently I have 3500pts of Space Marines and roll out Crimson Fist style every now and then with Pedro Kantor (my Chapter Master's name is Jaim Kreese).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Battle vs Marines: 4-19-08

I pitted my current 1850pt ork army against my friend John's (AKA Boss Kong) Space Marines this past weekend.

He brought a Space Wolf inspired list but used the trait system in the Marine Codex to give certain Tactical squads Furious Charge and Counter Attack/True Grit. His list contained a suped up Captain, Deep-Striking Terminators, Dreadnought, 2 Razorbacks with 6 man Tactical ML/Flamer, the aforementioned traited-up Tactical squads, a Land Raider and a Devastator squad. All his Tactical squads were led by plasma pistol and power fist/weapon toting Vet. Sgts. it seemed too.

We played a Gamma level Cleanse mission. I won the dice roll for Deployment and First Turn and despite raining down 2 Ordnance Templates (the Killkannon Battlewagon moved 12" so the Tankbustas could shoot at the Land Raider, but they failed to do anything) and a slew of dakka... I succeeded in only killing a single Marine and crippling the Dreadnought.

John's shooting was equally dismal as only 3 Slugga Boyz died and a single Big Shoota was blown off the Deff Rollin' Battlewagon. It was a good day to be an AV14 vehicle as lascannon fire just bounced off the Battlewagons.

The 'Ard Boyz unloaded into the Marines lines and ended up taking out the two 6 man Tac squads, the Devastators, and chased down a Razorback detroying that in the furthest table corner over the course of the game. And they finished OVER half strength capturing that table quarter! Definate MVPs of the game.

I couldn't touch the Land Raider (which detroyed my Killkannon Battlewagon) through the first 4 turns (but I got it in Turn 5 when the Trukk Boy Nob and Gargunki finally caught it) and his Captain and one of the suped up Tac squads unloaded from it and slaughtered the Slugga Boyz for only 2 losses in return through 3 rounds of combat. Caught in the open half of them were then gunned down by the Lootas after a dismal roll of armour saves. The Marine Captain would get his revenge though... wading through a hail of fire to dispatch the Big Mek and then single handedly see off the Lootas.

The Terminators deep struck after the Lootas but deviated out of LoS and had to settle for gunning down half of the Shoota Boyz instead. The Shoota Boyz shot back and failed to do anything and then assault them much to John's surprise. After a good turn of combat I did 9 wounds (yay Furious charge) and John promptly rolled four 1's for armour saves and the last Terminator fled from combat... but as the Terminator fled he shot the remaining Shoota Boyz with his Assault Cannon and broke them! The Terminator subsequently rallied because of the ATSKNF rule but was gunned down by the fleeing Shoota Boyz who stopped just inches from the table edge... John had once again rolled a 1 on only two wounds from shooting...

The Marines were left with only their heroic Captain on his last wound at the end of the game... The Orks had won a decisive victory.

Thoughts: I can't remember the last time I've lost to Marines using Orks. Hopefully their new codex will help them out with points reductions and free traits like Counter Attack would help. Not everyone wants to use cookie cutter lists with Drop Pods, Min/Max Las/Plas and/or 'mech-out' with 3 Predators and Land Speeders to have a fighting chance with Marines and you shouldn't have too. John had a chance, but after losing 1st turn and not being able to take out the Battlewagon loaded with 'Ard Boyz it was an uphill battle from turn 2 on.

The traits were great and helped the Marines from completely folding in combat, but they are too expensive. While the Terminators were unlucky it wasn't like a 1 in a million chance what happened to them... they got bested by a unit that is exactly HALF their point cost...

Once John gets Waaagh! Kong Bundy in order I'll play him using my Marines and see how it goes...

Monday, April 21, 2008

2000pts: Orks

This list can and will change from time to time. My current krumpy list is as follows:

HQ: Warboss Gargunki (105 Pts)- Power Klaw, Shoota, Stikkbombs, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole, Cybork Body.
HQ: Warboss Fridgechukka (115 Pts)- Power Klaw, Twin-Linked Shoota, Mega-Armour, Bosspole, Cybork Body.

Elite: 8 Burna Boyz (150 Pts)- Burnaz (x8), +2 Mekboyz- Kustom Mega Blasta (x2), Mek's Tools (x2).

Troops: 7 Nobz (313 Pts)- Choppa (x3), Slugga (x6), Big Choppa (x2), Power Klaw (x2), 'Eavy Armour (x7), Bosspole (x1), Waaagh! Banner (x1), +1 Painboy- 'Urty Syringe, Dok's Tools. Stikkbombz (x8).
transport: Trukk (45 Pts)- Big Shoota, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram.
Troops: 4 Mega-Nobz (180 Pts)- Shoota-Rokkit Combi (x3), Shoota-Skorcha Combi (x1).
transport: Trukk (45 Pts)- Big Shoota, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram.
Troops: 26 Boyz (217 Pts)- Shootas, Big Shoota (x2). +1 Boyz Nob- Power Klaw, Slugga, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole.
Troops: 19 Boyz (185 Pts)- Choppa & Slugga, Rokkit Launcha (x2). +1 Boyz Nob- Power Klaw, Slugga, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole.
Troops: 19 Boyz (185 Pts)- Choppa & Slugga, Rokkit Launcha (x2). +1 Boyz Nob- Power Klaw, Slugga, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole.
Troops: 19 Boyz (185 Pts)- Choppa & Slugga, Rokkit Launcha (x2). +1 Boyz Nob- Power Klaw, Slugga, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole.

Heavy Support: Battlewagon (145 Pts)- Kannon, Big Shoota (x1), Armour Plates, Deff Rolla, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job.
Heavy Support: Battlewagon (130 Pts)- Kannon, Big Shoota (x2), Armour Plates, Reinforced Ram, Grot Riggers.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


No ork army is complete without a 20+ wound Nob with a Power K... err I mean... a solid core of boyz!

Load Out: I run my Slugga Boyz in mobz of 20 led by a Nob with a Power Klaw and boss pole. I find 30 slugga boyz in a mob a bit too unwieldly to maneuver on the table. In most games 2000 points and under I'll run with two mobs of 20 Slugga Boyz to form the main fighting core.

Back in the olden days when Flash Gitz were just Shoota Boyz with bigger gunz, I used orks with modified Shootas (Shootas with an extended barrel) to represent them. They were then painted blue because to an ork, blue is lucky and anything requiring a to hit roll of 5+ needs to be lucky. Since Flash Gitz are more Nob-like ala the Dawn of War video game in the latest codex, all my Shoota boyz got painted with the blue jump suits and were joined by my 'demoted' Flash Gitz.

I mainly use my Shoota Boyz in a large squad of 30 and they will usually sit on an objective which usually guarantees they will capture it. Such a large mob is very useful for area denial as well. They don't usually advance as much as the Slugga Boyz so a big mob is not that much of a problem to move about and in fact try to actually stay in cover if possible.

Vark's 'Ard Boyz

Vark Ded 'Ard leads his Boyz to battle.

In the old codex my 'Ard Boyz doubled as Trukk boyz. Over time, I painted their armour the same red as their Trukk to represent their armour being salvaged from bitz of former Trukks that had been blasted out from under them. While they didn't have 4+ saves as Trukk Boyz the armour did work to represent the old 'Bailin' Out' rule... So suffice to say I was pleased to see that 'Ard Boyz were cheaper and moved to a 0-1 Troop selection that had a Trukk option available to them in the new codex.

Load Out: Let's face it, 4+ armour saves don't help much against the myriad of ballistics available in the 41st millenium. But it does help in a trukk crash and deflecting hits in close combat. To this end you won't see my 'Ard Boyz slogging it across the battlefield. They will ALWAYS be transported, either in a Trukk or a Deff Rollin' Battlewagon. I prefer the Trukk though as the 4+ save in conjunction with the Ramshackle rule works quite well to ensure that even if the 'Ard Boyz trukk gets blasted they're still gonna be in good shape.

Fluff: Leading my 'Ard Boyz is the infamous Vark Ded 'Ard. Vark and Fridgechukka have a long standing rivalry in Gargunki's Waaagh! When Gargunki disappeared, the two engaged in a pit fight to determine the leader of the Waaagh! Vark eventually got the upper hand in the fight, but Fridgechukka's cybork body saved him from what was perceived as the final blow (a gruesome impaling via boss pole) allowing Fridgechukka time to recover and clobber Vark from behind as he gloated over what he thought was a fatal impaling.

Vark's contempt for Fridgechukka's leadership came to a head when he refused to come to the aid of his Warboss in the infamous Battle at da Kamp (where his 'Ard Boyz failed 6 straight activation rolls.)

Upon Gargunki's return, Vark still leads his boyz into the heart of the enemy lines determined to be the first to get stuck in. Such is the success of Vark and his shock troops that Gargunki himself has even been known to accompany Vark's 'Ard Boyz into the thick of fighting... an honour normally reserved for the Nobz of the Waaagh!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The rokkit has been my speshul weapon of choice for quite sometime. In the old codex I would always field Tankbustas in games over 1250pts. Imagine my surprise when I found out I could have an entire unit of rokkit wielding orks in the new ork codex! Then imagine by dissappointment at one of the most retarded rules ever written: Glory Hogs! Thanks for making a Tankbusting unit where the most effective army to field them against has no tanks at all (Tyranids)! Epic rules fail.

Rant aside, I already had a Nob and 3 boyz with rokkits that I used with the old ork codex so I raided my bitz box for any spare rokkit I could find and simply added them to the sluggas of the other boyz in the unit and I had 10 boyz with rokkits ready to go!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Nobz are the best unit in the Ork codex. With 'eavy armour or cybork bodies and Feel No Pain from a Painboy they are all but immune to regular weaponry. They can have a Waaagh! Banner which ups their WS to a 5 for dirt cheap. The average Nob with a slugga/choppa will be swinging 5 times on the charge with I4 and S5 from Furious Charge. Each one can also be armed differently to play the wound allocation game. They can be put in a Battlewagon as a dedicated transport or they can be put on Warbikes to make one of the most feared (albeit expensive) units in the game. And if that wasn't enough they can count as Troops if you field a Warboss. Is there seriously a reason not to include them in any ork army?


When I read the rules for the Deffgun I knew exactly what my first project would be for updating my orks: Lootas! I had 4 Lootas converted with lascannons that were of one of my most favourite units in the old book, even though I only used 3 and fielded them as looted Guard lascannons, cuz a looted Marine lascannon was just waaaay too many points, but I digress...) I was very pleased to convert these 4 lascannon toting Lootas and add to them 2 boxes of Lootas I bought. Lootas are an awesome unit and a constant in my ork force from here on out.

Load Out: Deffguns, son. Perhaps rivaling the Rokkit as my favourite weapon in the orky arsenal. These guys give orks what they so desparately need... which is long range, high strength, heavy weapons, with a potential high rate of fire. The Deffgun is the ultimate in medium to light vehicle annihilation. Just point this unit at any Rhino, Dreadnought, Falcon, etc. ... and watch it die.

I field 12 so if they take a hit or two they have a good chance of not running away. I deploy them where they have the best field of fire with the best cover available, but I will try to keep them out of range of anything too nasty as the enemy will be trying to eliminate them early.

I don't add any Mekboyz to the unit as the Deffgun has a 48" range and Mek weaponry is half that. You'll notice that I do have a Mekboy in my unit, but he's carrying a big-ass gun just like the other boyz (2 in fact!). He built them all anyway right? So why not have one fer yerself?

Warphead Morbo Krunk

Morbo Krunk and his Minder 'bodyguards'! When the new ork codex came out I was extremely happy to see the return of the Weirdboy Warphead. This old Weirdboy model is one of my most favorite models of all time and I couldn't wait for the chance to field this guy again. New ork arms and a fresh paint job later and he's good to go!

Even though there are 3 orks on the base, 2 Minderz and the Weirdboy, it works well as one model with the 2 wound Warphead stats. Imagine the Minderz getting killed and Morbo Krunk running for it to prevent his head exploding! Classic!

1. Always take the Warphead upgrade, the ability to reroll the psychic power choice for the turn is well worth the points. I use my Warphead in a large unit of Slugga Boyz with Rokkits, that way no matter which psychic power is rolled it will be useful (barring the 'Eadbang of course!).

Shooting powers: If it's Frazzle, then shooting at high armour save troops is in order. If it's Zzap then any enemy armour in line of sight gets blasted. These types of psychic attacks go hand in hand with the boyz armed with Rokkits.

Other powers: Warpath, a +1 attack to a unit of charging Slugga Boyz? That potentially 100 S4 attacks from just 20 orks! 'Ere we go, a huge mob of orks just appeared anywhere you want on the board, and there are also Battlewagons and Trukks baring down on the enemy, what's the enemy gonna do? Shit themselves thats what (just look out for template weapons). Waaagh!, nothing wrong with getting closer to the enemy, also makes first turn assaults possible for transported boyz (though you'd have to be lucky and possibly psychic yourself to pull that off).

The Warphead is great fun to use. Not exactly reliable... but that's what makes him so useful... as no one knows what this guy is gonna do, making it impossible for your opponent to defend against him!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Battle at Da Kamp

This is an older battle report, using the older Ork codex but it is an epic battle that needs to live forever on the inter-webs.

3 rival Warbosses get together to discuss duffing a common enemy but "talks" go horribly wrong and pretty soon the rival Warbosses and their armys are battling it out.

We used the rules as printed in White Dwarf #237 but altered it: We made our camp sizes an 18" radius from the camp center point instead of 12" (units 24" away from the enemy army and 18" from the friendly retinue was still followed). Also if it was your turn and your units weren't involved in close combat and the other 2 guys were, then they DID NOT fight in your assault phase. Scoring units were the usual kinds. We also thought that the amount of points left in your army at the end should maybe contribute to a final score but we didn't play it that way...

Mission: Keep your Warboss alive. Kill the other boyz. Bonuses for getting scoring units into a rival kamp and killing a rival boss with your boss.
Opponent: Them other boyz think they're better then you. Get 'em!

Boss Noteef (Dan):
slugga/choppa, cybork body.
5 Nobz- 3 power klaw/choppa, 2 slugga/choppa.
Trukk -big shoota.

16 'Ard Boyz- 3 big shootas.
20 Sluggas- 3 big shootas.
18 Shootas- 3 big shootas. Nob- big shoota, choppa.
10 Burna Boyz- 4 burnas, +1 Mekboy- burna, toolz.
10 Tankbustas- 3 rokkits.
2 Wartrakks- twin-linked rokkits.
Dreadnought- 2 big shootas, armour plates.
3 Killa Kans- 3 big shootas, armour plates.

Boss Kong Bundy (John): big shoota, choppa, big horns, 'eavy armour, bionik bonce, cybork body, attack squig.
6 Nobz- 3 Mega-Armour, 3 skorcha combis. 3 'eavy armour, 3 choppas, 2 big shootas, slugga.

14 'Ard Boyz- 2 big shootas, 1 rokkit. Nob- power klaw/slugga, big horns.
15 Sluggas- 3 rokkits. Nob- slugga/choppa, iron gob.
15 Shootas- 3 big shootas. Nob- big shoota, choppa, big horns, 'eavy armour.
5 Warbikes. Nob Warbike- power klaw, 'eavy armour.
Looted Leman Russ- hull lascannon, sponson heavy bolters, armour plates, grot riggers.
2 Killa Kans- big shootas, armour plates.

Waaagh! Kong Bundy

Boss Fridgechukka (me): Mega-Armour, kustom shoota, cybork body, iron gob.
5 Nobz- 2 Mega-Armour, 2 rokkit combis. 2 slugga/choppa, 2 'eavy armour. power klaw/slugga, cybork body.
+1 Mekboy- kustom force field, choppa.
+1 Mad Dok- slugga/choppa, dok's toolz, 2 grot orderlies.
Trukk- rokkit, red paint, armour plates, grot riggers.

11 'Ard Boyz- 2 big shootas, 1 rokkit. Nob- power klaw, slugga, big horns.
10 Flash Gitz- 4 big shootas, more dakka upgrade. Nob- big shoota, choppa, iron gob.
17 Shootas- 3 big shootas. 1 Nob- big shoota, choppa, boss pole.
6 Burna Boyz- 4 Burnas. Mekboy- kustom force field, slugga.
9 Trukk Boyz- 1 Rokkit. Nob- rokkit, power klaw, cybork body. Trukk- rokkit, grot riggers.
Battlewagon- Zzap gun, 2 twin-linked big shootas, red paint, armour plates, grot riggers, turbo boosta.

I decided on a fairly tooled up group as I figured any Warboss would show he's got da best well equiped ladz and toyz.

Waaagh! Fridgechukka

I won the deployment choice and chose a camp point at the far end of the table which I hoped would force the other two ork forces to fight it out more. I deployed my retinue as close to my camp as possible. Noteef deployed his retinue closer to the Kong Bundy camp forcing John to deploy decidely far away from his camp and very close to Noteef's camp...


Diplomatik like

Fridgechukka: I got turn 1 and succeeded in only activating my Flash Gitz who shot down 2 of Noteef's unarmoured retinue. Boss Fridgechukka and company moved a hefty 2" and promply rolled snake eyes on the charge into Kong Bundy's retinue... obviously wanting to still "talk" things over... With those putrid dice rolls I knew the gig was up for Fridgechukka...

Noteef: Activated only the Shoota Boyz who did nothing. Boss Noteef mounted up on the Trukk and sped away leaving the other bosses to duke it out.

Noteef buggin' out

Kong Bundy: Activated his Shoota Boyz who failed to damage the fleeing Noteef's trukk. Kong Bundy's retinue unleased Skorcha death into Fridgechukka and Co. and charged in. Mass power klaw krumpage saw Boss Kong Bundy and 1 remaining slugga/choppa Nob square off against Fridgechukka who held his ground.

All Bosses still alive after turn 1!

Noteef: Activates only the 'Ard Boyz. Shoots a few of Kong Bundy's Shoota boyz. Noteef turns the trukk around and charges both bosses! Da big boss scrum! Noteef vs Kong Bundy. Noteef does 2 wounds. Kong Bundy does 1. Fridgechukka attacks at Initiative against the lone Nob with Power Klaw against him and wounds twice... but a 6 is rolled to save the git and Frigdechukka is brought low by Noteef's Power Klawed Nob. Noteef wins the combat and Kong Bundy is promptly ran down by Noteef and given a taste of boot levva... +250 Victory Points to Noteef.

Noteef comin' back... while Fridgechukka and Kong Bundy duke it out.

Fridgechukka: I activate only my Shoota boyz this time. The combined dakka of the Flash Gitz and Shootas gun down Noteef and the rest of his Nobz. Take that! My Trukk blows up Noteef's Trukk with a well placed rokkit.

Noteef faces da wall o' dakka.

Kong Bundy: 'Ard boyz, Warbikes, AND Looted Russ are activated... ruh roh. Bikes speed into the middle of the battlefield. My boss Trukk is blown up and several Flash Gitz and Shoota Boyz are blown to pieces by the Looted Russ. (Interesting target priority situation arose where Noteef's units were closer but more of my units were in range oddly enough... the warbikes got the shaft after John failed target priority and was forced to shoot a single warbike into the closest unit (Dan's 'Ardboyz) and I was spared the full horror of 5 twin-linked big shoota shots...)

No Bosses alive after turn 2!

Noteef: Activates Slugga Boyz and Killa Kans. Pushes army forward and shoots down a bike and a few more of Kong Bundy's boyz (enough to cause the Shoota Boyz to take a morale test, and fail a mob size roll with 10 orks! DOH!).

Kong Bundy: Fails to activate his final unit: Killa Kans. The Shoota Boyz rally. Warbikes turn a 180 and shoot Noteef's 'Ard Boyz who lose a few but hold their ground. However another battle cannon shell is bang on target and blows away more of my Flash Gitz (now under half) and a few more of my Shoota Boyz.

Fridgechukka: I activate only my Burna Boyz who are in my confused Battlewagon... and I decide to keep them in there despite my argument that the transport should be unconfused once an activated unit is in it... (I guess you really shouldn't roll for a transported unit but rather roll confusion for the transport itself). I shoot a lot into Kong Bundy's 'Ard Boyz (I still have 9 Big Shootas active) but John makes 7 straight 4+ saves. All I can do is shake my head at my misfortune.

Kong Bundy: Fails again to activate the Killa Kans. Da Kong Bundy boyz start to shift towards Noteef's horde who is slowly but surely closing in on Kong Bundy's camp. Shooting is ineffectual... Looted Russ missing Noteef's Killa Kans by a mile. Warbikes psycho blast into the 'Ard Boyz and kill all but 2 (who hold their ground with a big low roll of 3!).

Noteef: Tankbustas and Dreadnought are activated (Burna Boyz and Wartrakks still remain). Klan Noteef continues the advance on Kong Bundy's camp. The last 2 'Ard Boyz who refused to break holding the enemy Warbikes in place are aided by 3 charging Killa Kans who crushed the Warbikes and advanced 5" further... closer to Kong Bundy's line...

Kan's ready fer stompin'!

Fridgechukka: I activate my Battlewagon and Trukk boyz... YES! WAAAGH! Fridgechukka surges forward, toward camp Kong Bundy and much dakka is brought down on the 'Ard Boyz who are not as fortunate with their armour saves this time around...

'Ere we go!

Noteef: Activates the Burna Boyz but not the Wartrakks. Things are looking grim for da Kong Bundy boyz... caught in the middle and not getting any chance for a turn... Several of Kong Bundy's orks are shot down, though the Russ survives a Tankbustin' rokkit hit... and the Killa Kans charge into Kong Bundy's Sluggas killing even more who have no hope of damaging Noteef's Kans.

Noteef's boyz closin' in...

Fridgechukka: I fail to activate the 'Ard Boyz for the 5th straight turn... I position my army for a big 6th Turn push into camp Kong Bundy. My Burna Boyz disembark from the Battlewagon and torch the woods where Kong Bundy's 'Ard Boyz are hidin'... out of 14 rolls to wound on a 4+ I wound 3 times but more dakka is to be had and the Kong Bundy 'Ard boyz are reduced to 2 models but I fail to roll high enough to charge them into the woods... oh well... atleast I have an army still.

Kong Bundy: Killa Kans failed to activate even though they are in plain sight of a massive fight... After taking 4 straight turns of heat it was time for a little pay back for Kong Bundy's boyz. The few remaining orks shot up my Burna boyz... (I failed ALL Kustom Force Field saves), they broke but mobbed up with my Shoota Boyz. Looted Russ deviated wildly again and killed nothing. Noteef's Killa Kans reduced the Slugga boyz to a handful or orks in the Assault Phase.

Noteef: Activated the final Wartrakk unit who sped towards my camp. Noteef's tankbustas blew my Battlewagon to pieces, and the Kans finished off the Kong Bundy Slugga boyz and advanced further into the camp ahead of a very large number of Noteef orkoids...

Kong Bundy: Activates the Killa Kans at long last! They fail to hurt my Trukk Boy'z trukk with shooting and fail to roll high enough to assault the Trukk boyz in the palm trees. The Looted Russ deviates wildy for the third straight turn at Noteef's boyz...

John (Kong Bundy) rolls a 2 for Random Game Length and Da Big Fight is Over...

End Result
Victory to Klan Noteef!

Da Aftamaff
What a match! This is definately going to be remembered for a long time. Dan (Noteef) totally deserved the win after coming back with his Boss to fight it out, when most would have probably sped away and hid the whole game. But like a true ork he came back to get stuck in.

After rolling double 1's on the 1st turn charge attempt I knew that it wasn't in the dice for Fridgechukka to win this one and my luck was just out right bad. But not as bad as John (Kong Bundy) having to face 4 straight turns of getting whooped on... that really sucked for him. That and it appeared his battlecannon shells were afraid of hitting Noteef's orks but loved blowing mine to bits... what's up with that?

Anyway, it was a well played and tough fight all around. Very fun, and that's what it's all about.

We failed 6 straight confusion rolls needing an 8 or less on 2D6 to activate!

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