Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kaptin Yar's Battlewagon

What to do with a Looted Russ and old War-trakks/trukks? Get some plasti-card and make a battlewagon! The hull is my old Looted Russ. The turrent was removed and replaced with the body of an old Gorka-Morka trukk. Sidecars were added which are old plastic War-trakks. Add a bunch of plasti-card, fresh paint, more bits, decals and BOOM! Kill-Kannon battlewagon!

This is loaded out with, of course a Kill-Kannon and a single Big Shoota which is manned by Kaptin Yar, my old Flashgitz Nob turned tank kaptin! Sometimes I will add 3 more Big Shootas and count the Kill-Kannon as a regular Kannon. This is what I refer to as the Dakka-wagon and I will usually sit back on a table edge and mount Lootas in it for even more dakka!


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