Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week in Gaming

This last Tuesday I was able to play two of the new Battle Missions with my Space Marines against Nick's Necrons. The first was the Space Marine scenario All-round Defence. There is a central objective and whoever holds it wins the game. Players alternate deploying or placing units in reserve (with certain restrictions) with the Marines deploying around the objective. Alternating unit deployment was interesting and once the game started I was able to surround the objective pretty well limiting where the Necron Monoliths could Deep Strike in. My dice were pretty hot and I actually wrecked a Monolith with a lucky melta glance and was able to take the Necrons apart piece by piece as their reserves filtered in.

The second game we played a Necron mission: Implacable Advance. I haven't read all the missions yet in the new supplement but it looks like Necrons have some pretty interesting ones. Implacable Advance has you playing length wise with three objectives located in the center of each third of the table. Both armies are stubborn and the ability to out-flank is not allowed. A big boost to the Necrons. This game was much more fun then the first and it really felt like something different. I was able to assassinate the Nightbringer on turn 1 with my Drop Podding Sternguard's Hellfire rounds and Immobilize both Monoliths early stalling the Necron... ahem... Impacable Advance.

I was also able to get in two Blood Bowl games. One was my weekly SEMBBL league game with my Undead team Tut's Nuts taking on some Dark Elfs. The Dark Elfs had a chance to score but failed a pickup, one of many. I killed a Journey Elf adding another zombie to my growing roster. I also stomped on the neck of the most skilled Dark Elf player... only putting the foul boot to a dorf is more satisfying then kicking an elf when they are down :) I ended up pretty much crippling the poor Dark Elf team and won 2-0.

The second game was part of an open league and I broke out my orc team, Murda Skwad to take on Bud's Necromantic team. We stomped on each other good as a constant stream of players were sent to the hurty box. I ended up winning that one 2-0 as well but have two MNG for the trouble including a -AV blitzer (argh! me skull!). I forgot how fun Blood Bowl actually is. Building a Blood Bowl team is one of the greatest joys of gaming.

I also assembled and primed one of the new Ork Deff Dreads and 3 Killa Kanz and started painting the Mega-Dread... more on this in the future...


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