Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Necron vs Necron... the thirst of Gods unleashed part 1!

Planetstike League Game 5 brought to you by The Ordo Fraternitas Chapter of the 40kFightClub! 20 pictures of unadulterated Necron on Necron action brought to you now... (how often does that happen?)

Mission: PlanetStrike Seize and Destroy.
Attacker: Army of Deception.

Destroyer Lord... tooled up.
Gold Lord... WarScythe, Nightmare Shroud, Gaze of Flame, Res. Orb.
4 x 10 Warriors
2 x 3 Destroyers
2 x 4(+1) Scarabs
3 Heavy D
2 X Monolith

phase out: 12
strategem: Scorched Skies

Army of Darkness
Silver Surfer Destroyer Lord
Flayed Ones
4 x 15 Warriors
2 x 3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths
3 X 1 Heavy D
2 x Monolith

phase out: 19
strategems: Void Shield (gimme), Ammo Store, Power Generator.

It saw the slaves of it's prey guarding the surface complex leading down to the slumbering tomb of The Reaper. "That ultimate feast..."

The army split: 2 x 15 Warriors, Surfer & Wraith crew, Monolith, 3 Destroyers, 2 x 1 HeavyD.

Scorched Skied a 13! The Deciever unleashed it's fury at the sentry bastion... leveling the structure and annihilating the exposed Necrons. The Deceiver commands to not shoot the main objective... Big D will see to it's destruction personally.
Army of Darkness makes nearly all reserve rolls despite the -2.
30 Warriors rise up out of nowhere.

It's a Trap! Reserves arrive to pounce on the unsupported enemy infantry.

Destroyer Battle 1 of more.

Scarab tarpit. Lord of Attrition hacks some down.

The Deceiver weathers a storm of Gauss terror closing to within assault range of the complex... the time vampire cannot wait to feast on the essence of a fellow C'tan in a weakened state! (that's the objective see...)
While Wraiths shred Scarabs.

Support arrives unexpectedly on the last piece of real-estate in the Drop Zone. Port out of combat, shoot stuff. It never gets old.

Big D explodes the complex, crushing a single necron in the rubble (every little bit helps).
The Lords fight through the cronies to get at each other.

Push them back through the portal!

Big D dies to Heavy D firepower... his fury at being denied his hunger is manifest! 6" S6 fury wrecks 9 Warriors as Big D goes nova! Even the camera was fucked up!

Whole lotta portin' goin' on.

Push them back through the portal more!!

"Behold my Gaze of Flame... " Nope forgot I had it. No one was looking at my Lord anyway...

Gold Lord maxes out killing 3 Flayed Ones! The Silver Surfer loses by 1 in combat... Rolls a 10... Surfer flees to the nearest table edge. Epic battle in the background...

Epic Battle!
Closing in on the goal. The Monolith gets wrecked by a Heavy D! They did something!
Destroyer Lord of Attrition comes back for more... the last vestiges of the Nightbringers guardians are overwhelmed bringing them below the phase out number in turn 5.

So that's how it went down. I was surprised I won since I think the Attacker is hard pressed to win in this mission. But where there's a phase out, there's a way. 13 Scorched Sky Fire Storms demolishing that bastion and the 15 enemy Necrons inside was the best start ever. I weathered an early storm of Gauss fire with some amazing armour saves to start out with too. But there was a point where I failed 8 straight 3+ armor saves and those 30 enemy Warriors weren't dying as easy as expected when the enemy Monolith came on. Then the Deceiver nuked 9 Warriors and all was right again.

Part 2 will come... the Nightbringer will awaken while Big D tries to pull it together in his house... who will win the C'tan showdown?


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