Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When I got back into 3rd edition after a long hiatus the first thing I knew I needed was a Trukk so I went out and bought one of the hideously small ork Trukks. It served it's purpose along with two others at the time... but it never seemed proppa.

I had a large plastic, green, army man truck that just begged to be converted and the infamous Big Red Trukk was born as my boss trukk many years ago.

Now with the new ork codex and 5th edition making the flimsy transports more viable then ever it was time for an update. Some bits, plasti-card, decals and a fresh lick of red paint later and Big Red was born again ready to deliver Da Business end of it's Reinforced Ram!

I couldn't do without one of the brilliant new Trukks either and was very pleased to see the size of the model comparable to Big Red who I'd been using for years!


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