Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010: the year of the brush

So in order to prioritize things:

1. Prime and paint 2000 point Tyranid army. (8 Genestealers still need to be assembled.)

2. Paint Stompa, Mega-Dread, Shokk Attack Gun battery, Ghazghkull and a small army of Nobz for my Orky Apocalypse. (Assembly needs to be done for the mass of Snotlings in the SAG battery)

3. Finish painting 2250 point Lizardman army to a better then table-top standard. (10 SKinks are already done! Yes!)

4. Paint the rest of my Marines: Pedro Kantor, Command Squad and Captain, Dreadnought, 10 Sternguard, 7 Assault Termis, 3 Drop Pods, 1 Predator, 1 Razorback, finish Devastator Squad. That would leave me with over 3000 points painted.

5. Finish the Monoliths for the Necrons! I got all the fancy red plastic and I need to complete the vision!

If I get all this done this year I will be a happy gamer!


Dan said...

Hey I just saw this post on the BOLS Alliance thing. Cool. I'm so far out of the loop on 40k it's not funny. It's been over a year since I've played I think. I'm completely clueless about Guard and Tyranids and anything else that came out since last January.

Rhellion said...

I'll be working on my Marines for sure. I think I have about 1500 points painted, and I have another 2000 I'd like to finish this year.

All I could think about while sitting through 4 hours of Geology tonight was wanting to start a Dwarf army!

Gargunki said...

It's cool Dan, the hobby will always be there for you. I've taken several hiatus since I started playing in '93. But the last year and a half I've really been into it more then ever before, it helps to have a good group like the Ordo Fraternitas to keep the interest going.

That's funny Rhel, learning about rocks and mountains for so long I can see how the Stunties would pop up as an army choice. Now I need to go drink a tankard of ale...

Dan said...

Yeah I've been bugging Brad to get a game in. I gotta catch up!

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