Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vark's 'Ard Boyz

Vark Ded 'Ard leads his Boyz to battle.

In the old codex my 'Ard Boyz doubled as Trukk boyz. Over time, I painted their armour the same red as their Trukk to represent their armour being salvaged from bitz of former Trukks that had been blasted out from under them. While they didn't have 4+ saves as Trukk Boyz the armour did work to represent the old 'Bailin' Out' rule... So suffice to say I was pleased to see that 'Ard Boyz were cheaper and moved to a 0-1 Troop selection that had a Trukk option available to them in the new codex.

Load Out: Let's face it, 4+ armour saves don't help much against the myriad of ballistics available in the 41st millenium. But it does help in a trukk crash and deflecting hits in close combat. To this end you won't see my 'Ard Boyz slogging it across the battlefield. They will ALWAYS be transported, either in a Trukk or a Deff Rollin' Battlewagon. I prefer the Trukk though as the 4+ save in conjunction with the Ramshackle rule works quite well to ensure that even if the 'Ard Boyz trukk gets blasted they're still gonna be in good shape.

Fluff: Leading my 'Ard Boyz is the infamous Vark Ded 'Ard. Vark and Fridgechukka have a long standing rivalry in Gargunki's Waaagh! When Gargunki disappeared, the two engaged in a pit fight to determine the leader of the Waaagh! Vark eventually got the upper hand in the fight, but Fridgechukka's cybork body saved him from what was perceived as the final blow (a gruesome impaling via boss pole) allowing Fridgechukka time to recover and clobber Vark from behind as he gloated over what he thought was a fatal impaling.

Vark's contempt for Fridgechukka's leadership came to a head when he refused to come to the aid of his Warboss in the infamous Battle at da Kamp (where his 'Ard Boyz failed 6 straight activation rolls.)

Upon Gargunki's return, Vark still leads his boyz into the heart of the enemy lines determined to be the first to get stuck in. Such is the success of Vark and his shock troops that Gargunki himself has even been known to accompany Vark's 'Ard Boyz into the thick of fighting... an honour normally reserved for the Nobz of the Waaagh!


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