Sunday, November 8, 2009

This week in gaming.

A pretty intense week of gaming for the week ending Nov. 7, 2009. On Tuesday the local PlanetStrike League came to an end. Unfortunately the last week of the league kind of petered out with people not getting in their last game because of being burned-out on PlanetStrike, scheduling conflicts, or what-not... but the League was great fun and barring the loss of momentum at the end was very exciting and added a fun new twist from just a typical Tuesday night pick-up game. The group certainly put the PlanetStrike missions through the ringer with an assortment of different armys... good games and good times.

In the seven games I played I ended up going 5-2 with my Necrons. I faced Space Marines, Orks, other Necrons (see battle reports), and Eldar. I may write up a more detailed break-down of armys and missions soon depending on time.

On Friday I had the chance to meet up with an old gaming friend I hadn't seen in a very long time. He and I played a 3-way battle with a friend of his he brought along. It was 1500 points each side with objectives being in each of the three deployment zones and 1 central objective worth 2 objectives. I used my Necrons against my old friend's Orks and his friend's Straken led Imperial Guard.

The Orks and Necrons battled it out while the Imperial Guard reserves slowly trickled in... realizing the Guard stood the best chance of victory a hasty alliance was formed between Necron and Ork but too late as the Imperial Guard won the day downing the re-reanimated Destroyer Lord in the bottom of turn 5 which would be the last of the game and claiming sole possession of the central objective in the name of the Emperor! A really, really fun game that saw the Deceiver and a 10-man squad of Mega-Nobz play cat and mouse and a Valkyrie's missile pods bombard a close combat of Orks and Necron Warriors with it's missile pods among other things!

The following day saw my first game of Warhammer Fantasy in over 10 years! I had assembled a 1000 point army of Lizardmen in quite literaly the 11th hour to face off with Rhellion's new Skaven horde. Despite some movement tray.. err... malfunctions and stumbling our way through the rules it was an enjoyable game. The Lizardmen took a severe pounding early on from a Warpfire Cannon and horrible generalship on my part. But once the Saurus and the Scar-Veteran got stuck-in the ratment had no answer. This is but the start of what is sure to be a long and bitter rivalry!

After this game I broke out my Orks against Shining's new mechanized Vulkan list for a good 1850 point scrum. The mission was Capture and Control and Pitched Battle. I was able to achieve victory by holding my objective with a 30-man Shoota Boy mob holed up in a 2-story ruin while another unit of boyz conga-lined down the side of the table and was just able to assault the Tactical Marines holding their objective in turn 6. Of note in this game was the Redeemer immobilizing itself in some ruins and the utter ineptitude of the Big Mek's Shokk Attack Gun... while it did not do anything crazy, it missed horendously and obliterated my Burna Boyz causing them to flee right as they were about to charge some Assault Terminators! My Lootas did really well as did my lone Rokkit-Buggy that somehow drove unmolested through the middle of the battle field and ended up in the enemy DZ destroying the Chronus (err... Abrahms) upgraded Predator with a side shot!

This concludes... this week innnnn war-gaming.


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