Friday, August 14, 2009

40k update

In 40k news:

1) I've won my local league with my Orks. Waaagh! After an early set back in game 1 where my orks ran away in terror against some tough marines I proceeded to win the next 6 league games in a row. I may post more game details later. The next league is going to be focused on Planetstrike and I plan to field the Crimson Cobra space marines to glory... I hope (EDIT: I ended up going with Necrons).

2) My gaming group is also currently running a 'Tale of 4 Gamers'-esque league. My army of choice? Necrons! a) They are quick and easy to paint and that works well with my schedule. b) They don't have the myriad of options like Tyranids (my 2nd choice) do with their biomorphs... so I don't have to model all these things only to find out they are useless in a new codex.

3) I've compiled a spreadsheet of all my games over the last year and will be publishing those statistics very soon.


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