Wednesday, April 16, 2008


When I read the rules for the Deffgun I knew exactly what my first project would be for updating my orks: Lootas! I had 4 Lootas converted with lascannons that were of one of my most favourite units in the old book, even though I only used 3 and fielded them as looted Guard lascannons, cuz a looted Marine lascannon was just waaaay too many points, but I digress...) I was very pleased to convert these 4 lascannon toting Lootas and add to them 2 boxes of Lootas I bought. Lootas are an awesome unit and a constant in my ork force from here on out.

Load Out: Deffguns, son. Perhaps rivaling the Rokkit as my favourite weapon in the orky arsenal. These guys give orks what they so desparately need... which is long range, high strength, heavy weapons, with a potential high rate of fire. The Deffgun is the ultimate in medium to light vehicle annihilation. Just point this unit at any Rhino, Dreadnought, Falcon, etc. ... and watch it die.

I field 12 so if they take a hit or two they have a good chance of not running away. I deploy them where they have the best field of fire with the best cover available, but I will try to keep them out of range of anything too nasty as the enemy will be trying to eliminate them early.

I don't add any Mekboyz to the unit as the Deffgun has a 48" range and Mek weaponry is half that. You'll notice that I do have a Mekboy in my unit, but he's carrying a big-ass gun just like the other boyz (2 in fact!). He built them all anyway right? So why not have one fer yerself?


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