Sunday, August 3, 2008


This was one of my first conversions thats been updated extensively. It's a Chaos Rhino split in half and expanded width-wise. It's made from various bits including two 2nd ed. Pulsa Rokkits (counted as turbo-boostas in 3rd edition, but decided to keep them because they look cool.), a 2nd ed. Hop-Splat Gun (Kannon), old Imperial Firebase parts, a Rouge Trader era Dreadnought head (Yar-Two Dee-Two), and a ton of plasticard (the hull, plates, and Deff-Rolla).

The Deff-Rolla is my favorite vehicle upgrade ever! Not only does it wreck shit good and proppa but it allows you to reroll Dangerous Terrain!

They see me (Deff) Rollin'... They hatin'!


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