Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Combat Patrol League batrep1

Ordo Fraternitas Combat Patrol League: Battle Report 1

Gornutz was not pleased, but then again he rarely was. "Zoggin' trees!" He yelled for the umpteenth time. The vast under-growth had slowed down his advance and to Gornutz this was unnacceptable as it meant Blarnok's boyz may get to the action first.

Leading the way through the tangle of woods, Gornutz emerged into a clearing and caught sight of the enemy for the first time cowering in cover like a typical human. Gornutz could feel a pulse of energy well up inside as the enemy was now within striking distance! "Der dey are boyz! Get 'em!" With a rousing Waaagh! the boyz surged forth.

As his boyz pushed forward Gornutz looked over at Blarnok's boyz squabbling amongst themselves, their advance on the right flank stuttering. Gornutz mused for a moment, "Serves dat fluff Blarnok right fer not keepin' proppa respekt amongst da ladz." Gornutz would be Gork-damned if his boyz ever got that unruly as to create a delay from getting stuck in a good scrap!

Entering the undergrowth where the enemy was lurking Gornutz stumbled and fell as a searing blast of melta shot overhead which incinerated Narnar, the nearest boy behind him. "Zoggin' trees!" The difficult terrain did more to infuriate the Nob than the enemy guns. "Dem pewpew-lazurs weren't fit fer grots!" Gornutz had told his boyz. But now that Gornutz had failed to close the distance the initial push had failed and his boyz were shot to pieces as they got caught in the open. Several of his boyz were lit up in a swathe of flame that would make any Burna Boy greener with envy. Gornutz was momentarily impressed with the fact that the humans had brought a proper weapon and also Gulgog's burny dance, the ork warrior awash in flame was too dumb to realize he was already dead but was determined to club the 'oomie tank with his Shoota anyway.

"Come on ladz! We'ze orks and we'ze built fer winnin'!" cried Gornutz, rallying the boyz for a renewed assault wrecking the human tank. The humans evacuated the smoldering wreck, desperately shooting the still dangerous gaggle of orks bearing down on them. "Der's no escape 'oomies... I'm gonna ta clobber tha lot of yooz!" Then the world turned red in a maelstrom of death...

After the butchering of the human squad (and taking shelter behind the wrecked Chimera, he was lootin' see?), Gornutz could hear the human leader off in the distance giving orders to retreat. Gornutz had always thought that human-talk sounded like grot farts. Their nasally voices annoying but not as annoying as those zoggin' trees...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fantasy, 40k, and Forgeworld... oh my...

There really isn't enough time in a day to give this great hobby all the time it deserves haha...

So last Tuesday I went from having just this painted for the Fantasy Tale of Four Gamers...

...then two days of work later... I woulda had more done but something about Dark Elves being released for the BloodBowl PC game...

It ain't much to look at, but it's 3 or 4 colors and a painted base... good enough for this period of To4G, and once I get more time it'll be better. I slacked because I spent my free time building 1500 points of Lizards for a big game of Fantasy the previous week only to have them get eaten by that thrice damned Hell Pit Abomination...

Beginning this weekend is also a 40k Combat Patrol league starting up which promises to be awesome with over a dozen players in the Ordo participating. My plan? Throw a bunch of Orks at it and see what happens...

What else are 45 Orks good at? Advancing around this!

That's right... this bad piece of work will be getting some much needed attention very very soon...

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got back into Warhammer Fantasy through a Tale of Four Gamers league (funny how that works!). Honestly, I was never into Fantasy but for a handful of games with a High Elf army waaaaaay back when (4th edition?) So I decided what the hell.

Well the league fell through and with the release of 8th edition looming I sit and wait with the patience of the Great Toads...

I've played about 3 games so far and have about 2500pts... waiting... soon the time will come...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This week in gaming.

A pretty intense week of gaming for the week ending Nov. 7, 2009. On Tuesday the local PlanetStrike League came to an end. Unfortunately the last week of the league kind of petered out with people not getting in their last game because of being burned-out on PlanetStrike, scheduling conflicts, or what-not... but the League was great fun and barring the loss of momentum at the end was very exciting and added a fun new twist from just a typical Tuesday night pick-up game. The group certainly put the PlanetStrike missions through the ringer with an assortment of different armys... good games and good times.

In the seven games I played I ended up going 5-2 with my Necrons. I faced Space Marines, Orks, other Necrons (see battle reports), and Eldar. I may write up a more detailed break-down of armys and missions soon depending on time.

On Friday I had the chance to meet up with an old gaming friend I hadn't seen in a very long time. He and I played a 3-way battle with a friend of his he brought along. It was 1500 points each side with objectives being in each of the three deployment zones and 1 central objective worth 2 objectives. I used my Necrons against my old friend's Orks and his friend's Straken led Imperial Guard.

The Orks and Necrons battled it out while the Imperial Guard reserves slowly trickled in... realizing the Guard stood the best chance of victory a hasty alliance was formed between Necron and Ork but too late as the Imperial Guard won the day downing the re-reanimated Destroyer Lord in the bottom of turn 5 which would be the last of the game and claiming sole possession of the central objective in the name of the Emperor! A really, really fun game that saw the Deceiver and a 10-man squad of Mega-Nobz play cat and mouse and a Valkyrie's missile pods bombard a close combat of Orks and Necron Warriors with it's missile pods among other things!

The following day saw my first game of Warhammer Fantasy in over 10 years! I had assembled a 1000 point army of Lizardmen in quite literaly the 11th hour to face off with Rhellion's new Skaven horde. Despite some movement tray.. err... malfunctions and stumbling our way through the rules it was an enjoyable game. The Lizardmen took a severe pounding early on from a Warpfire Cannon and horrible generalship on my part. But once the Saurus and the Scar-Veteran got stuck-in the ratment had no answer. This is but the start of what is sure to be a long and bitter rivalry!

After this game I broke out my Orks against Shining's new mechanized Vulkan list for a good 1850 point scrum. The mission was Capture and Control and Pitched Battle. I was able to achieve victory by holding my objective with a 30-man Shoota Boy mob holed up in a 2-story ruin while another unit of boyz conga-lined down the side of the table and was just able to assault the Tactical Marines holding their objective in turn 6. Of note in this game was the Redeemer immobilizing itself in some ruins and the utter ineptitude of the Big Mek's Shokk Attack Gun... while it did not do anything crazy, it missed horendously and obliterated my Burna Boyz causing them to flee right as they were about to charge some Assault Terminators! My Lootas did really well as did my lone Rokkit-Buggy that somehow drove unmolested through the middle of the battle field and ended up in the enemy DZ destroying the Chronus (err... Abrahms) upgraded Predator with a side shot!

This concludes... this week innnnn war-gaming.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Necron vs Necron... the thirst of Gods unleashed part 2!

It was now time for Game 6 of the Ordo Fraternitas PlanetStrike League. Each two week round sees the roles of Attacker and Defender reversed. This week I would play the role of Defender... holed up in this Indomitable Fortress. A Necron structure built by one of the clubs members. A large and formidable piece of terrain, the middle section would be the main objective for the mission which was Seize and Destroy.

The main tower was protected by a Void Shield (free strategem for the mission). This was also boosted by a Power Generator (reroll failed wounds) and was Sacred Ground (granted the Fearless USR to closest friendly unit). Atop the central tower was also a Communications Array in assisting with the reserve rolls which for the Defender were at a -2 modifier.

My army was split into two halves. All things equal but one half had The Deceiver and the other half had all the Destroyers. My opponent chose The Deceiver half.

I deployed 5 Scarab Swarms in one tower, 10 Warriors in the other. And a Lord with 13 Warriors in the main objective. To the left was placed a Monolith with The Deceiver behind it. You can see a Flayed One on the hill at the bottom, this was the Ground Observer (reroll Deep Strike scatter) for the attacking Necrons.

The Firestorm wrecks the tower containing the Scarabs (which also destroys the Missile Silo). A Monolith, Warriors, the two Destroyer and Scarab units, and the Silver Surfer Lord with Wraiths arrive. The Monolith scatters back despite the Ground Observer and takes a hit from my automated lascannon but is not damaged. The enemy Warriors run triggering my Mine Field and a few are blown apart. The attacking Necron's shooting Shakes the tower but little else is done.

Despite the reroll on reserves I only get two things. The Destroyer Lord and the Heavy Destroyers (who remove the Ground Observer). All fire is concentrated on the unit of attacking Warriors killing all but 1.

A single destroyer attempts to snipe the last Warrior preventing them from making any We'll Be Back rolls but rolls a 1 to hit.

Only 2 Warriors stand back up so the failure of the Heavy Destoyers isn't all that bad. The rest of the Army of Darkness arrives except a Lord leading 4 Pariahs and a pair of Tomb Spiders. Shooting Shakes the other tower again while the Silver Surfer trys to carve his way into the main objective with his WarScythe to no avail.

The Nightbringer deep strikes behind the Indomitable Fortress. What's he up too? (Off camera there is also a Monolith and unit of Warriors who have also deep struck.)

Scarab Swarms attack my Heavy Destroyers and kill one for no wounds in return. Morale is failed and my Heavy Destroyers flee off the table. A failure of epic proportions...

Reserve rolls are much better. A Monolith, Warriors and my 5 Destroyers appear behind the enemy.

A Warrior squad of mine also arrives and walks on behind the enemy Monolith and shoots down a few enemy Warriors while my Destroyer Lord assaults and chops down a few with his WarScythe but the enemy Necrons hold on.

Concentrated fire kills more enemy Warriors which forces them to flee, leaving the fallen Warriors unable to make any We'll Be Back rolls. My Destroyers assault the fleeing enemy Warriors to hopefully avoid being shot next turn and knock another one down. The Deceiver assaults a unit of 3 Destroyers but only kills 2.

The fire power unleashed from the main tower destroyers all enemy Wraiths but the Silver Surfer passes morale and brings the central tower tumbling down in the assault phase!

Necron Lord with Pariahs Deep Strike down and avoid a mishap by 1" from my Destoyer Lord. While the Warriors my Destroyer Lord was in combat with are teleported to safety through the nearby Monolith as well as the single Destroyer that was still engaged with The Deceiver.

The Army of the Nightbringer plays it's hand with Darken the Skies. This makes it Night Fight rules for a turn and also gives all my units -1LD. This combined with the Pariah's Soulless ability means any unit within 12" of them is now a LD6 for the turn. The enemy Lord then uses the Nightmare Shroud to force my Destroyer Lord and a unit of Necrons to take a morale check on LD6 or flee! My Warriors roll a 6 and the Destroyer Lord rolls a 3. This is huge.

Out front, concentrated fire downs a few of my Necrons who were guarding the recently ruined objective. They are assaulted by Scarabs and the Silver Surfer who drops the ball and flees combat leaving the Scarabs to tie me up. meanwhile the Nightbringer assaults the remaining tower and despite penetrating it 5 times cannot roll anything over a 3 on any of the damage results. This bit of the fortress is truly indomitable.

It should be noted that the Minefield and Night Fight didn't really do anything significant from here on out.
I teleport the Destoyers out of the combat with the few remaining enemy Warriors and along with a unit of my own Warriors (who rolled the big 6 on morale) shoot down the Pariahs and Lord with the Nightmare Shroud.

The Nightbringer finally explodes the final tower. The Deceiver points (as he does)... "There you are!" after wrecking a Tomb Spider. At this point we remove the Necron fortress and replace it with building ruins and craters...

The Deceiver is shot in the back and wounded twice by the 5 remaining enemy Warriors.

The Nightbringer assaults and crushes a unit of my Warriors running them down in combat and consolidating onto the main objective which is only contested by a unit of my Scarabs (don't think they can actually hold an objective). In the background you may notice the Nightmare Lord has come back to life, assaulted a unit of 12 Warriors and routed them in a single phase... yes I lost 22 Warriors in one turn. You can also partially see a Tomb Spider smashing one of my Destroyers on the right but they live to teleport out.

Out front there were various melees and teleportations too numerous to list and even more things shot by Gauss Flux Arcs as has happened for the last few turns. A single Scarab base with 1 wound left is still tying up my large unit of Necrons led by my Lord.

Defying the odds of still being alive (functional)... my Destroyer Lord continues to harass the enemy Warriors chopping down three! Things are looking dire for the Army of the Nightbringer.

The Deceiver would be hard pressed to defeat Nightbringer in a straight up fight...even more so with 2 wounds. It turns it's attention to the small unit of slaves that have somehow managed to stay functional in this madness and obliterates them. This triggered the Army of the Nightbringer to phase out at the beginning of Turn 5.

Well, my plan was to concentrate on killing enemy Warriors before the Nightbringer ate my army and it worked. After my poor reserve rolls and the utter failure of my Heavy Destroyers I thought it was gonna be one of those games. But then a few huge things happened. One was that the Nightbringer didn't arrive on turn 1 and the Nightmare Lord with Pariahs didn't arrive until turn 3. In Planetstrike games the early turns are the biggest ones and every turn your heavy hitters are off the table it can hurt.

The other big thing was passing all my morale checks on Leadership 6. If my Destroyer Lord and that unit of Warriors had run off the table in Turn 3 it would have been an entirely different game.

I must say this was an enjoyable set of games. I had never played or witnessed a Necron on Necron battle and adding in the fact it was PlanetStrike made it even more interesting. Thanks to my opponent Nick for the two fun games. And also to Lee of the Ordo Fraternitas who organized the PlanetStrike league. I'm glad the Necron vs Necron showdown was able to happen without breaking the game structure of the league.


Blog vs Blog BatRep

A few of the members of the Ordo Fraternitas have started up some blogs lately. So Rhellion and I decided to have a Blog vs Blog battle report pitting his 4th Company Ultramarines vs my Necrons... and as fate would have it I left the batteries for my camera in the charger at home so I have stolen all the pics he took of the battle from his blog... thanks bro!

Here is my army. I took The Deceiver, Lord (WarScythe, Res Orb, Nightmare Shroud, Gaze of Flame.) 4 x 10 Warriors. 2 x 3 Destroyers. 4 Scarab Swarms. Monolith. Heavy Destroyers (2 & 1).

Rhellion took his first step into the Drop Pod realm featuring a Captain tooled up with a Jump Pack, Storm Shield, and Relic Blade. Terminator Librarian with Might of Ancients and Vortex. Ironclad Dreadnought in a Drop Pod, 5 Assault Terminators, some Sternguard and 3 x 10 man Tactical Squads all in Drop Pods, 10 man Assault Squad, 5 man Scout Bikes.

The board was a rocky landscape with large LoS blocking mountains and hills scattered around. The mission would be Capture and Control using Spearhead Deployment.

My objective would be in a small ruin while the Ultramarine object was tucked away behind a mountain in the opposite corner...

Rhellion took first turn so I opted to deploy everything. My plan was to send the Deceiver straight for the Ultramarine objective then try and hold mine with the rest of my army... can you spot the 3 Necron HQ choices in the pic below? A Grand Illusion indeed.

Scout bikes are the only Marines on the table and scout forward to position their Locator Beacon. The Deceiver used his Grand Illusion ability to redeploy a unit of Necrons that is a little too close to the bikers...

The Sternguard, Ironclad, and one Tactical Squad drop down in Turn 1. The Sternguard scatter way off target, the Ironclad lands in front of the Monolith and gets a Weapon Destroyed result I believe, the tactical squad and bikers combine fire and send a squad of Necrons falling back... LD10 FTW!

Fleeing Necrons rally. Combined fire reduces the Scout bikers to just the sarge (who will eventually charge into combat and get pummeled before he can swing his fist). Around this time we realize the Destroyer Lord should not be on the table. Too much PlanetStrike (3 HQ choices) with this army and I've used the Destroyer Lord in every battle I've ever had with my Necrons (but this one)... so yeah that's my excuse :P

The Deceiver eventually wrecks the Ironclad in combat...

The Assault Terminators and remaining two Tactical Squads drop down...

One Tac Squad heads for their Objective while the Sternguard boldly move forward...

And promptly get eaten by The Deceiver who can move through mountains...

I concentrate every last bit of firepower to kill Assault Terminators and drop 3 of them.

The last of the Ultramarine reserves, the Assault Marines and Captain arrive in Turn 3 and send a unit of Destroyers fleeing in terror!

Bloody(oily) combat errupts all over. 2 wounds are done to the last two Assault Terminators who promptly roll snake-eyes on their armour saves... huge! Love this picture... nice one Rhellion.

The Deceiver inspects the Drop Pods...

More combat. Tactical Marines vs Necrons = Stalemate. The Necron Lord fails difficult terrain roll to pounce on the Librarian.

The 4th Company couldn't stop the Nightbringer before... they can't stop the Deceiver now...

Assault Marines, Captain, and Librarian smash the Lord and a squad of Necrons... The Lord comes back to life and the Monolith ports him out of combat while some destroyed Necrons join the huge stalemate fight. Shooting makes the Assault Squad "tactically withdraw". The Terminator Librarian makes two huge invulnerable saves to avoid being blasted apart by Heavy Gauss Cannons. Sort of makes up for those snake-eyes earlier.

The Assault squad will eventually come back to join in the big stalemate assault, I'm losing by 1 or 2 wounds a turn but keep making my leadership tests and We'll Be Back rolls.

The Captain and Librarian carve up the Necrons in heroic fashion while the Necron Lord keeps his Warriors in the fight with his Resurrection Orb.

The Warriors port out and the Librarian is finally brought low by Heavy Gauss Cannon while the Ultramarine Captain (Uriel Ventris?) fights to the Necron objective chopping up all in his path... eventually he is brought down by massed shooting despite making an incredible amount of armor and Storm Shield saves.

The Necron squad on the left are champions! They hold back the Marines for something like 8 assault phases...

5 Tactical marines find their way to the Necrons guarding their objective. The assault is a stalemate. The Necron Lord charges in for a chance at victory if combat is won but totally whiffs on all his attacks!

The game ends on Turn 6 with the Necron objective contested and The Deceiver having wiped out the Tactical Squad holding the Ultramarine objective. A hard fought draw!
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