Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Nobz are the best unit in the Ork codex. With 'eavy armour or cybork bodies and Feel No Pain from a Painboy they are all but immune to regular weaponry. They can have a Waaagh! Banner which ups their WS to a 5 for dirt cheap. The average Nob with a slugga/choppa will be swinging 5 times on the charge with I4 and S5 from Furious Charge. Each one can also be armed differently to play the wound allocation game. They can be put in a Battlewagon as a dedicated transport or they can be put on Warbikes to make one of the most feared (albeit expensive) units in the game. And if that wasn't enough they can count as Troops if you field a Warboss. Is there seriously a reason not to include them in any ork army?


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