Monday, April 28, 2008

Space Marines

Like so many Warhammer 40,000 gamers it was the Space Marines that drew me in back in the day. The first thing I bought was the 1st edition box set of 30 plastic Space Marines. These came with Ultramarine transfers and so I painted them appropriately. Shorty after that I remember reading a battle report between Blood Angels and Eldar in an issue of White Dwarf. Inspired, I bought the pewter box set of Death Company but I ended up trading them for some long forgotten models... orks of some variety more then likely.

It's funny how Space Marine models seem to come into your possession easily even if you don't intend on starting an army of them as by the time 2nd edition came out I was in full Orky swing... but I had amassed a decent sized Ultramarine army that saw action every now and then.

In 3rd edition I went on a mini-marine kick and re-structured/painted my Space Marines into a new chapter: Cobra Marines. With the color scheme and naming inspired by G.I. Joe's arch-enemy.

When the new 4th edition Space Marine codex came out I was determind to finally paint a complete force. My gaming group contained many Chaos armies and a demon-hunting Inquisitor Lord by the name of BeJesus had entered my army along with the Purity Above All trait to ensure my Space Marine chapter was free of the taint of Chaos. With a fresh red paint scheme the Crimson Clovers were born and death to the foes of the Imperium was dealt out, culminating in a 3-0 showing in a 1250pt local tournament.

When 5th edition was coming and a new Space Marine codex looming... I had been using the Blood Angel Codex .pdf to represent the Crimson Clover's in anticipation and had even used the Dark Angel codex a handful of times for S&G's. But when the 5th edition codex came out for Marines the options were nigh infinite and I re-named my chapter yet again... The Crimson Cobras were born who also went 3-0 in another 1250pt local tournament. Go marines!

Currently I have 3500pts of Space Marines and roll out Crimson Fist style every now and then with Pedro Kantor (my Chapter Master's name is Jaim Kreese).


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