Monday, March 8, 2010

1250pt tournament report

I ended up taking the Orks to the 1250pt Tournament at a LGS. I went with a Warboss, a 6 ork Nobz mob in a Trukk, Trukk Boyz, 3 x 20 ork boy mobz and a Deff-Rolla Battlewagon.

The list restrictions in place were a max of 1 HQ, 5 Troops, 2 Elite, 2 Fast Attack, and 2 Heavy Support. None of the Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support choices could be duplicate units. A Win was worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0. Victory Points would be the tie breaker.

There were 14 players with 3 Ork, 2 Imperial Guard, 1 Space Wolf, 1 Necron, 1 Tau, 2 or 3 Tyranid, 1 or 2 Space Marine, and 1 or 2 Eldar players. I was surprised there was not any form of Chaos army.

First game: Imperial Guard w/ CCS, 2 Vet Squads, all with meltas in Chimeras. 2 Vet Squads on foot with meltas. 3 Sentinals, Hellhound, 2 Hydras, and Marbo.

The mission was Annihilation with Spearhead deployment and 3 bonus objectives which were worth 1 Kill Point and 50 victory points.

We pretty much annihilated each other over the first 4 turns. My opponent played very aggressive and actually charged me with his Guard multiple times! I had only 2 ork units both below 50% left at the end of the game while my opponent had the 2 Hydras, 2 Sentinals and one Vet Squad remaining.

My last two units hunkered down in cover on two objectives for the last 3 turns (yes it went the full 7 game turns) and weathered the remaining Hydra and Sentinal shooting. I ended up winning 11 (including the +2 objectives) to 8 (including +1 objective) even though I lost by 180 victory points.

Second game: Tyranids w/ Hive Tyrant: Venom Cannon, Old Adversary. 2 Zoanthropes, 3 Hive Guard, 2 Tervigons as Troops with all the upgrades, 2 small Termagant squads, 1 large Hormagaunt squad with Toxin. 2 Biovores.

The mission was Capture and Control with Pitched Battle deployment.

This Tyranid list is very tough to beat at 1250 points. The 5 point Termagant buffed by Furious Charge, Poisoned attacks, Feel No Pain, Counter Attack, and a Fearless Leadership 10 definately trumps my 6 point ork boy. I tried to kill the Zoanthropes first as they were the only real threat to my Battlewagon but my dice ran cold and I couldn't make any rolls to hit, wound, save, or my Nobz Feel No Pain rolls the entire game it seemed. My opponent played very defensively protecting his Tervigons with a sea of Gants... which is perfect for that army and I was nearly counter-attacked off the table!

I ended up killing the Zoats, the Hive Tyrant, and a few squads of Gants. I had 9 orks left. But guess what? I still got a draw! Each of us holding our respective objective. The game only went 4 turns before time was called so I was saved by the bell. I lost by close to 800 Victory Points but didn't lose, LOL!

Third game: I was in the top 4 having not lost yet and faced the other Imperial Guard army which was 2-0 at that point. He had a Psyker Lord, full Psyker Battle Squad in Chimera, Vets with Flamers in a Valkyrie, Infantry Platoon with Mortar Command squad, 2 Infantry squads, 2 Heavy Weapon Squads with lascannons, Ratlings, 10 Rough Riders w/ Mogul Kamir, and a Leman Russ. It was all Death Korps models save for the Psykers and Ratlings which was cool.

The mission was Seize Ground with 4 objectives and Dawn of War deployment.

My opponent had some of the worst dice I have ever seen. He failed about 6 psychic tests with his Lord and Battle Squad before my Deff-Rolla squished them all, and generally just failed miserably at shooting any and everything. I ended up steam-rolling through his army in combat, the game ending on turn 6 leaving him with a Valkyrie, Leman Russ, and Ratlings to my mostly intact army holding 3 objectives to none.

As it turned out I finished second in the tournament behind the Tyranid player I played in game two (who not surprisingly had more total Victory Points then I did.) Third place went to the Imperial Guard player from my first game. So based on the final standings I probably played the toughest schedule and with some luck ended up second. Nice work boyz!


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