Monday, October 19, 2009

2000pt Necron Army

Necrons: 2000pts.

The Deceiver.
Lord: WarScythe, Destroyer Body, Phase Shifter, Resurrection Orb.

4 x 10 Warriors.

Fast Attack
2 x 3 Destroyers.
3 Scarab Swarms.

Heavy Support
2 Heavy Destroyers.
1 Heavy Destroyer.

Total points: 1996.
Phase Out: 12.

This is my standard list. When I'm not trying to use a third HQ choice (too much PlanetStrike see...) I may replace the Destroyer Lord with a Lord on foot with Gaze of Flame, Resurrection Orb and whatever else may be useful... maybe an extra Scarab Swarm or two.

The Deceiver: This is the ace. Murders anything and everything. The ability to leave a combat automatically, toughness 8, 5 wounds, ignore terrain effects, ignore all forms of saves with his S9 attacks, etc... is just too good. Probably the only unit in the entire codex that is under-costed. For Planetstrike he's even better as he's almost impossible to ignore, can wreck Bastions quite easily, and is almost a guaranteed objective contester/controller.

Lords: Destroyer Lord with a War Scythe, Resurrection Orb, and Phase Shifter. I also have a regular Lord with a Resurrection Orb and whatever else I think may be useful. WS4 is real pain to over come as the Lords can and do whiff regularly in combat. The Destroyer Lord with T6 and a Res. Orb can be a real annoyance for your opponent if you are good at rolling 4+.

Warriors: Well... you gotta take 'em. I take about 40 to 50 in 2500 point games. 30 or so in regular games. Avoiding combat is difficult if not impossible with Planetstrike... so having a Monolith nearby is almost mandatory for a quick escape. I will say this though: the Supply Crates strategem on units of Warriors is 100% win. Necrons with melta bombs, offensive and defensive grenades... yes please have some.

Destroyers: My favorite unit. These guys are great and the only unit I'm considering buying more of. They do most of the real work in regular games as most Necron weaponry is pretty short ranged. T5, jetbike like movement, and a sweet ass gun for a decent cost. What's not to like? I'd take as many as I possibly could.

Scarabs: A very useful little unit here. 100% expendable, they are best used at absorbing charges and bogging down the enemy to buy you time. The Disruption Field can be somewhat useful but a little pricey.

Heavy Destroyers: Classic one hit wonders. One day they will annihilate everything, the other they will fail epically when you really need them and cost you the game. Being one of the more over-costed units they are usually the first thing to get cut if I need to shave some points.

Monolith: Everyone's favorite. The unit that breaks more core rules and causes more confusion then any other unit in the game! To me a Monolith is essential though. Necrons need a way to get out of combat. This is it's biggest benefit I believe. Also it's very tough to destroy making it a great objective contester.


Rhellion said...

I'll post up our 2000 point battle report on Wednesday.

Gargunki said...

Sounds good. I am gonna write something up too... and steal your pics when they are available.

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