Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warphead Morbo Krunk

Morbo Krunk and his Minder 'bodyguards'! When the new ork codex came out I was extremely happy to see the return of the Weirdboy Warphead. This old Weirdboy model is one of my most favorite models of all time and I couldn't wait for the chance to field this guy again. New ork arms and a fresh paint job later and he's good to go!

Even though there are 3 orks on the base, 2 Minderz and the Weirdboy, it works well as one model with the 2 wound Warphead stats. Imagine the Minderz getting killed and Morbo Krunk running for it to prevent his head exploding! Classic!

1. Always take the Warphead upgrade, the ability to reroll the psychic power choice for the turn is well worth the points. I use my Warphead in a large unit of Slugga Boyz with Rokkits, that way no matter which psychic power is rolled it will be useful (barring the 'Eadbang of course!).

Shooting powers: If it's Frazzle, then shooting at high armour save troops is in order. If it's Zzap then any enemy armour in line of sight gets blasted. These types of psychic attacks go hand in hand with the boyz armed with Rokkits.

Other powers: Warpath, a +1 attack to a unit of charging Slugga Boyz? That potentially 100 S4 attacks from just 20 orks! 'Ere we go, a huge mob of orks just appeared anywhere you want on the board, and there are also Battlewagons and Trukks baring down on the enemy, what's the enemy gonna do? Shit themselves thats what (just look out for template weapons). Waaagh!, nothing wrong with getting closer to the enemy, also makes first turn assaults possible for transported boyz (though you'd have to be lucky and possibly psychic yourself to pull that off).

The Warphead is great fun to use. Not exactly reliable... but that's what makes him so useful... as no one knows what this guy is gonna do, making it impossible for your opponent to defend against him!


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