Thursday, August 20, 2009

Year 1 Battle Statistics

I've kept track of games played from roughly August 2008 to August 2009 to track how much of a geek I am, haha. I may have missed two or three games but it's pretty close.

53 total games played. 28 different players involved (including myself).

36-5-12 (W-D-L) Overall record.
23-3-9 overall with Orks.
11-2-3 overall with Space Marines.
2-0-0 overall with other (Eldar and Tyranids).

7 games involved either teammates, were 3-way 1vs1vs1, or Apocalypse games.
6 out of 7 of these games I played as Orks and had an overall record of 3-0-4.

In 46 standard 1 on 1 games I am 33-5-8 against 23 different players.
20-3-6 with Orks.
11-2-2 with Space Marines.
2-0-0 with other.

Other Stats:
Most common point level was 2000, with 2500 being a distant 2nd, followed by 1500.
The most common armys faced:
1. Space Marines (not a surprise but Black Templars being the most common is sort of surprising).
2. Chaos Space Marines (a very close 2nd).
3. tied between Eldar and Orks. (sort of surprised at the number of Eldar).
5. tied Chaos Demons and Imperial Guard.
7. tied Witch Hunters and Tau.
9. with 2 or less apprearances: Necrons, Tyranids, and Dark Eldar. (only 1 game against the bugs... surprising.)

Chaos Space Marines were the most difficult army type to defeat, followed by Space Marines. Everything else was crushed for the most part haha. Notable defeats outside the Marine types include losing 2 games with my Space Marines: One against Ghazghkull fueled orks and the other my only game against Tyranids.

As for accomplishments I won a 2008 'Ard Boyz Qualifier, won a Club only Tournament, and won the Local League. This was due mostly to playing updated codexes for 5th edition, experience (having been playing since '93), and blind luck. I don't expect to do this well in the next year for a few reasons: 1) Planetstrike. This will add a new dimension to the game and really be something different. 2) New Armys. I plan step outside the comfort zone and field Necrons, Tyranids and Space Marines mostly and relegate the Orks to large scale battles... maybe, haha.

Friday, August 14, 2009

40k update

In 40k news:

1) I've won my local league with my Orks. Waaagh! After an early set back in game 1 where my orks ran away in terror against some tough marines I proceeded to win the next 6 league games in a row. I may post more game details later. The next league is going to be focused on Planetstrike and I plan to field the Crimson Cobra space marines to glory... I hope (EDIT: I ended up going with Necrons).

2) My gaming group is also currently running a 'Tale of 4 Gamers'-esque league. My army of choice? Necrons! a) They are quick and easy to paint and that works well with my schedule. b) They don't have the myriad of options like Tyranids (my 2nd choice) do with their biomorphs... so I don't have to model all these things only to find out they are useless in a new codex.

3) I've compiled a spreadsheet of all my games over the last year and will be publishing those statistics very soon.
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