Thursday, October 8, 2009

Forward Tin 'eadz!

Space Hulk: I got to play Space Hulk for the first time since 1995 a few weekends ago. The second game was epic. We played the second mission where there is a limited number of Genestealers and each side has to kill each other completely more or less. It came down to a single marine guarding a long corridor with his back to the wall preventing the Genestealers coming in behind him. Dan "NoTeef" proceeded to roll a 6 with nearly every shot and gun down over a dozen Genestealers as we tried to run down adjacent corridors or make a break across an open junction... incredible.

Necrons and Planetstrike: My local Planetstrike League is in full effect. I've been using my new Necron army and have gone 2-2 so far, winning both my games as attacker.

The default points value for the league is 2500. My list is pretty much unchanged from week to week as I only have about 2750 points of Necrons and don't really want to buy a ton of stuff for them as the new Tyranids are on the horizon and most of the metal models are butt-ugly. I run pretty much Destroyers and Warriors with a couple Lords and Monoliths and take it from there. I'll sneak in The Deceiver sometimes... ;)


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