Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warboss Gargunki

Last Name: Gargunki. First Name: Da Boss.

Gargunki has been my Warboss since the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40k. And so I'm inclined to use the moniker as a screen name or even the name an entire blog. I can't help it, to me it's a funny name.

Gargunki was spawned into the Goff Klan and gained notoriety as a rather cunning Nob in the personal retinue of Ghazghkull Thraka during the Second War for Armageddon. Fleeing into the jungles around Tartarus hive after Ghazghkull's defeat, Gargunki would wage a guerilla war for several years before making his way off world.

Gargunki would find his way to the galactic North of Segmentum Obscurus and with the support of the Arch Dictator of Gathrog would gain a sizeable army as word of his successful lootings spread among the orks there. Gargunki's haphazard use of the Arx Gap to raid into the Eye of Terror earned him the ire of many Chaos Champions and Gargunki spent the better half of a decade engaged in many wars against the Traitor Legions. But it was against a host of Eldar from an unidentified craftworld that Gargunki was thought defeated having himself and a large portion of his army sucked into a warp rift of the Farseer's conjuring. What reasons the Eldar would have for this act remains a mystery...

It would not be until many decades later during Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade that Gargunki would resurface. In his absence the Warboss Fridgechukka (a former Nob in Gargunki's retinue) had assumed command of his forces and continued his success as a looting force for Gathrog. In a particularly brutal pit-fight Gargunki was able to regain control of his army and claiming to be able to see the "Big Pikture" promised war and loot of untold amounts much to the delight of the boyz.

Not long after assuming command of his army and with the help of the infamous Big Mek Shuvva Luggitz, Gargunki was able to commandeer the Spacehulk Voidfang. Where before Gargunki had been somewhat localized to piratical raids in the galactic North, the advanced warpdrives of the Voidfang combined with orky know-how and psychically attuned war lust saw the forces of Gargunki swell into a massive horde able to strike anywhere. Galactic Waaagh! Gargunki was born!

Under normal situations, Gargunki is just a Warboss out of the Ork Codex. But in club leagues and events he will use special rules created using the Heroes of Ordo Fraternitas Character Creation rules.

Gargunki 195 pts.

Infantry, Independent Character, Furious Charge, Mob Rule, Waaagh!, Psyker, Fearless.

Wargear: Power Klaw, Shoota, 'eavy armour, Cybork Body, Bosspole, Stikkbombz.

Special Rules

Psyker: Gargunki has performed various sorties into the Eye of Terror and was in fact 'Lost in da Warp' for several decades. His survival is in no doubt due to the dual gifts of cunning speed with his surgical use of trukks along with brutal up close combat as he has bested numerous of the Galaxy's best Champions. This combination of abilities and the success of Gargunki's actions have instilled a faith in the orks he leads that they are being led by the powers of Gork AND Mork manifest. This orky-faith combined with over-exposure to the warp has evolved Gargunki's naturally orky psychic abilities. Gargunki is considered a psyker and has the Waaagh! psychic power from Codex: Orks.

Fearless: Gargunki has experienced untold horrors and has seen and fought through every conceivable nightmare the Eye of Terror can deliver and has been known to even assault Titans single-handedly. Gargunki is fearless.

Gaming History
Gargunki takes his name from the Ork words for 'big' which is 'garg' and 'muscle' which is 'unki'.* In the 2nd edition days he was simply represented by the 2nd edition Ghazghkull model and led my Ork army to numerous victorys.

He didn't see much action in 3rd edition and was indeed thought lost in the deep Galactic North of Segmentum Obscurus battling the weedy Eldar. The Mega-Armoured power house Boss Fridgechukka would take over the ladz in his absence. But reports of Gargunki's demise have been greatly exaggerated!

Da Model: Gargunki is a stock metal Games Workshop Warboss, coverted with a Power Klaw taken from a Mega-armoured Nob, an old Boss Pole from my bitz collection, and the head of the newest Ghazghkull model. I left the 'uge choppa in place because I like the look of the model with it.

Eventually I would like to model a Warboss on a Bike where the bottom half of the Warboss body is the bike itself to represent Gargunki!


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