Sunday, April 20, 2008


No ork army is complete without a 20+ wound Nob with a Power K... err I mean... a solid core of boyz!

Load Out: I run my Slugga Boyz in mobz of 20 led by a Nob with a Power Klaw and boss pole. I find 30 slugga boyz in a mob a bit too unwieldly to maneuver on the table. In most games 2000 points and under I'll run with two mobs of 20 Slugga Boyz to form the main fighting core.

Back in the olden days when Flash Gitz were just Shoota Boyz with bigger gunz, I used orks with modified Shootas (Shootas with an extended barrel) to represent them. They were then painted blue because to an ork, blue is lucky and anything requiring a to hit roll of 5+ needs to be lucky. Since Flash Gitz are more Nob-like ala the Dawn of War video game in the latest codex, all my Shoota boyz got painted with the blue jump suits and were joined by my 'demoted' Flash Gitz.

I mainly use my Shoota Boyz in a large squad of 30 and they will usually sit on an objective which usually guarantees they will capture it. Such a large mob is very useful for area denial as well. They don't usually advance as much as the Slugga Boyz so a big mob is not that much of a problem to move about and in fact try to actually stay in cover if possible.


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