Thursday, September 2, 2010

Year 2 Battle Stats

It's the end of August and thus concludes another year of battle statistics.

59 total games played (6 more than last year and I even took about about 2 months off when playing Fantasy). 26 different players involved.

37-7-15 (W-D-L) Overall record which was very similar to last year.

10-3-8 overall with Necrons.
13-2-5 overall with Orks.
7-1-2 overall with Space Marines.
7-1-0 overall with Tyranids.

I'm surprised I played one more game with my Necrons than my orks.

3 games were 3-way Carnage games (1-0-2). 1 was a 2vs2 (win). 1 was an Apocalypse (draw). It's too bad only 1 Apocalypse game was played. I used Necrons 4 out of 5 of these non-1 on 1 games.

In 54 1 on 1 games I am 35-6-13 against 22 different players. Out of those 54 games 12 were Planetstrike games, 3 were Battle Missions, 3 were Combat Patrols, and 4 were custom missions.

I was involved in a Combat Patrol League, a Planet Strike League, and a Tale of 4 Gamers League as well as the on-going Galus Crusade Campaign. I played in two local 1250pt tournaments finishing 2nd place in both of them I believe (one I know for sure). All the leagues lost momentum at the end and never truly finished unfortunately but my Necrons did quite well in the Planetstrike league going 5-0-2.

Other Stats:
Most common point level was 2000 (20 games), with 1250 being second (12) and 2500 a close third (11).

The most common army faced:
Bar none it was Space Marines which all in all had 32 appearances of some sort against me... most were codex chapters but 11 of them were Space Wolves who were my most common opponent.

Tied for second were Orks and Imperial Guard with 8 appearances each. Chaos Marines fell mightily from last year with only 5 appearances. Necrons, Eldar, Demons, and Tyranids rounded out the bottom with 4 or less appearances.

The one thing I learned this year is that if you really want a challenge, play Necrons at 1250pts. Good luck!


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